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  1. [Addon] Generic Box

    Thanks that is interesting to know, but just realised there isn't a bm_products_new.php :rolleyes:
  2. [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim Slightly off topic, but will this code change work to stop the New Products box from appearing on the product_info page too please? :D
  3. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    :lol: ok I commented out the FIRST & now I only have it on the front page thanks Don't understand what you mean next though? I know using this gallery on MS2.2 it can be shown on the front page in a module if that is what you mean? eg here See at the bottom & it changes when you refresh.
  4. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    :huh: The other post said the one on line 88 I think was the one showing on the front page & the one on line 265 was for the categories page. I understand that the module has now taken control of the front page one, but the first one is still there & the mod replaces the second one. Just trying to understand the workings a little & not just do. I will give it a go. :D btw the gallery I was going to try & do a module for is file based & not databased. Do you think this is still possible/harder or easier? I was going to call random images & have it like the specials/new products module on the front page. I have it on the page now, so can look at it when I find a little time & a few brain cells :lol: Thanks
  5. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi Jim Not sure how to solve the next change I want to do? Searching the forum I see that to remove the "New Products" display from the categories pages (not the front page) I need to remove/comment the second mention of it. However this section has been removed by the Modular Front Page. Could you tell me how I can do this please? Thanks
  6. [Addon] Generic Box

    ohhhh my first bug :) sorry
  7. [Addon] Generic Box

    Cross posts. Do I still need to do this as I have changed all ' to " & it works both admin & catalog side?
  8. [Addon] Generic Box

    I have changed all the ' for a " & it shows both admin & catalog without an error message. Not sure if this is a default with the generic box, but you only seem to be able to add code to the contents once? After that you do not get the option of the code in the white input box? I'll leave it at that for the moment, until you say any different. Thanks once again.
  9. [Addon] Generic Box

    OK I have un-installed & changed all ' to \' then re-installed & added new code. It shows on the admin side but not on the catalog side. As it worked on the catalog side & shows on the admin side I'm guessing I'll have to make the colour & size adjustments but leave the ' as original. The error message doesn't seem to stop it from working, unless you have another work around java script? All it means is that I cannot edit the code. I have to un-install & re-install. Will this make any difference? I'm hoping un-installing & re-installing many times won't have an adverse affect?
  10. [Addon] Generic Box

    Thanks Jim How to I edit it though, as it won't show the code when I click on the edit button? Do I need to uninstall & re-install? Do I need to upload both or one of the files again? Also am I supposed to see the generic box css outside the twiter box? Fab contribution though. :)
  11. [Addon] Generic Box

    Me again! I think it is my code but how can I add this as it has ' Should I change them all to " ? It does say that you can copy & paste html code snippets directly in. It is showing on the catalog side by the way. <script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js"></script> <script> new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 6000, width: 250, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: '#333333', color: '#ffffff' }, tweets: { background: '#000000', color: '#ffffff', links: '#4aed05' } }, features: { scrollbar: false, loop: false, live: false, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: false, behavior: 'all' } }).render().setUser('mysite').start(); </script>
  12. [Addon] Generic Box

    Just seen this error message at the top of the boxes list [cquote]Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/mystore/public_html/catalog/xxxxx/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 5 Is this from my code that I have put in? I didn't have any links (deleted index.php etc) or a box header. I cannot see any box borders either, but if it is white I wouldn't. I just see the twitter feed box in the left column. It is 250 wide & I have a grid_6 which I think is 240, so it is slightly into the middle, but it isn't pushing anything out of line? What would be the biggest you would suggest the width should be inside the generic box? Thanks
  13. [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim Ok all is well...but I added the code for the twitter feed & then realised that it was too big for the column, so I went back into edit. The trouble is there is only this at the bottom English Contents Enter the contents that you want in your box in English There isn't a white box with the code in? How do I edit the code again? Thanks JUlie
  14. [Addon] Generic Box

    :lol: Good enough reason! None of mine did & realised I had already downloaded 7 zip but it doesn't automatically load when you try to open this type of file. Now I have it on my desktop & I have to click on it to then view through the manager folder. I cannot complain as I apreciate the effort you have put in to help me/us modify our own stores. ;) Just uploaded so now to install & add twitter html.
  15. [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim How do I unzip it? I cannot find a programme that will do this extention? It's a .tar.gz & not a .zip? :huh: Noticing more & more like this. Is .zip going out of fashion? Ant free programmes available? Thanks Not to worry...found 7zip :)