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  1. That code will block the module from appearing anyplace that the Product ID is present: Product Info and Reviews pages.




    Thanks that is interesting to know, but just realised there isn't a bm_products_new.php :rolleyes:

  2. You need to modify the code to restrict the box. In includes/modules/boxes/bm_generic.php, find this code:


         if (tep_not_null($content)) {

    and replace it with:


         if (tep_not_null($content) && !isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'])) {

    That should keep it from showing on any product or review page.





    Hi Jim


    Slightly off topic, but will this code change work to stop the New Products box from appearing on the product_info page too please?



  3. The other post is wrong.


    If the code works now, it can be converted to a module. I don't know how difficult it will be to do that.




    :lol: ok I commented out the FIRST & now I only have it on the front page thanks


    Don't understand what you mean next though? I know using this gallery on MS2.2 it can be shown on the front page in a module if that is what you mean? eg here See at the bottom & it changes when you refresh.

  4. You remove the first occurrence, not the second.




    :huh: The other post said the one on line 88 I think was the one showing on the front page & the one on line 265 was for the categories page. I understand that the module has now taken control of the front page one, but the first one is still there & the mod replaces the second one. Just trying to understand the workings a little & not just do.


    I will give it a go. :D


    btw the gallery I was going to try & do a module for is file based & not databased. Do you think this is still possible/harder or easier? I was going to call random images & have it like the specials/new products module on the front page. I have it on the page now, so can look at it when I find a little time & a few brain cells :lol:



  5. Hi Jim


    Not sure how to solve the next change I want to do? Searching the forum I see that to remove the "New Products" display from the categories pages (not the front page) I need to remove/comment the second mention of it.

    However this section has been removed by the Modular Front Page. Could you tell me how I can do this please?



  6. Yes, I forgot something. You need to make a change to includes/modules/boxes/bm_generic.php. find Line 77:


           $module_contents .= $content . PHP_EOL;

    and change it to:


           $module_contents .= stripslashes($content) . PHP_EOL;

    The box should now work correctly in both the Admin and Catalog.




    Cross posts. Do I still need to do this as I have changed all ' to " & it works both admin & catalog side?

  7. I have changed all the ' for a " & it shows both admin & catalog without an error message.


    Not sure if this is a default with the generic box, but you only seem to be able to add code to the contents once?

    After that you do not get the option of the code in the white input box?


    I'll leave it at that for the moment, until you say any different.


    Thanks once again.

  8. OK I have un-installed & changed all ' to \' then re-installed & added new code. It shows on the admin side but not on the catalog side.


    As it worked on the catalog side & shows on the admin side I'm guessing I'll have to make the colour & size adjustments but leave the ' as original. The error message doesn't seem to stop it from working, unless you have another work around java script?


    All it means is that I cannot edit the code. I have to un-install & re-install. Will this make any difference?

    I'm hoping un-installing & re-installing many times won't have an adverse affect?

  9. Thanks Jim


    How to I edit it though, as it won't show the code when I click on the edit button?


    Do I need to uninstall & re-install?

    Do I need to upload both or one of the files again?


    Also am I supposed to see the generic box css outside the twiter box?


    Fab contribution though. :)

  10. Me again! I think it is my code but how can I add this as it has '

    Should I change them all to " ?

    It does say that you can copy & paste html code snippets directly in. It is showing on the catalog side by the way.


    <script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js"></script>
    new TWTR.Widget({
     version: 2,
     type: 'profile',
     rpp: 4,
     interval: 6000,
     width: 250,
     height: 300,
     theme: {
       shell: {
         background: '#333333',
         color: '#ffffff'
       tweets: {
         background: '#000000',
         color: '#ffffff',
         links: '#4aed05'
     features: {
       scrollbar: false,
       loop: false,
       live: false,
       hashtags: true,
       timestamp: true,
       avatars: false,
       behavior: 'all'

  11. Just seen this error message at the top of the boxes list



    [cquote]Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/mystore/public_html/catalog/xxxxx/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 5


    Is this from my code that I have put in?


    I didn't have any links (deleted index.php etc) or a box header.

    I cannot see any box borders either, but if it is white I wouldn't. I just see the twitter feed box in the left column.


    It is 250 wide & I have a grid_6 which I think is 240, so it is slightly into the middle, but it isn't pushing anything out of line?


    What would be the biggest you would suggest the width should be inside the generic box?



  12. Hi Jim


    Ok all is well...but


    I added the code for the twitter feed & then realised that it was too big for the column, so I went back into edit. The trouble is there is only this at the bottom


    English Contents

    Enter the contents that you want in your box in English


    There isn't a white box with the code in?


    How do I edit the code again?




  13. Most programs that will unpack a ZIP file will also unpack a GZIP. Try yours; it will probably work. If it doesn't, there are plenty of free programs that will. Just search for one for your operating system.


    Part of the reason for using GZIP is that it results in a smaller archive. This saves on storage space and bandwidth. The rest of the reason is that the tools are supplied with our Linux distros and we're too lazy to hunt down something else. :-" :)




    :lol: Good enough reason! None of mine did & realised I had already downloaded 7 zip but it doesn't automatically load when you try to open this type of file. Now I have it on my desktop & I have to click on it to then view through the manager folder.


    I cannot complain as I apreciate the effort you have put in to help me/us modify our own stores. ;)


    Just uploaded so now to install & add twitter html.

  14. Hi Jim


    How do I unzip it? I cannot find a programme that will do this extention? It's a .tar.gz & not a .zip? :huh: Noticing more & more like this. Is .zip going out of fashion? Ant free programmes available?




    Not to worry...found 7zip :)

  15. This will work just fine for Twitter. You can leave the header out by leaving the Header box blank in the Admin for the box. You cannot remove the box border since that's part of the box styling. Unless you remove the border from all boxes, that is. I suggest that you leave the border off the Twitter code instead.




    Thanks Jim


    I'll try that tomorrow. I will either make the box border the same colour as the background so you can't see it or look at the twitter feed code. That & not having a box header & you'll never know it was in a box! ;)

  16. Yes, you replace the images with your own. You can change the color and shape to whatever you want. You will need to change the CSS if you change the size, otherwise just replace the images and they should work. Name your images the same as the existing ones of course.

    I'll change the dotDark, dotLight, pause, play & transBlack75 images for now. :)


    You could modify the scroller or specials modules to pull your gallery images instead of the products. That mostly involves changing the SQL to whatever your gallery table and field names are. Then change the code to use that field name as well. I would start with the module that is the closest to what you want.


    As an alternative, if you have code that does what you want for your gallery, you could just paste that into the execute() method of a module and make a couple of changes to have the module output it. The module will output the contents of the $body_text variable with this line:

           $oscTemplate->addBlock( $body_text, $this->group );

    You'll see that line, or something very similar, at the end of the execute() method in every module.




    I'll get the gallery set up on a new page & then look at the specials module as you suggested with the gallery code.


    This will do the front end, & I'm assuming I need to copy file/s on the admin side & amend similarly for the new module too?


    Do you have a list of all the files needed to make up one module please? i.e. as explained in 2.2 for adding a new page


    Thanks for your help.



  17. To change the banner sizes, you need to size the banner images accordingly, then make a couple of changes in the CSS to match your image sizes. I'm using images that are 790 pixels wide on a store with no right column. The CSS properties that you need to change are marked in catalog/ext/modules/front_page/banner_rotator/stylesheet.css. You can make other changes to this file to add your border where you want it.




    The images for the controls are in catalog/images/icons. Change them to whatever you want. I haven't thought about numbering the banner buttons. I suppose that it could be done, but you will have to change the Javascript in catalog/ext/modules/front_page/banner_rotator/bannerRotator.js to use a different class for each button, or something similar.stared


    OK this has totally lost me! I started learning about osc & tables & now I'm learning more about 960 grid & css. Javascript looks like greek to me when I have had a peek. I may have to leave this one for a while but do I have to create the same images but change the colour of the existing controls & not through css?


    You can certainly create new modules if you want. That's the advantage of a modular system like this. I would start with one of the simpler modules, such as heading_title.php, and change the name and the constants. The part that produces the output on the front page is the execute() method. Play with it a bit and you should be able to figure out how everything works. Ask questions if you can't figure it out by yourself. Please share your module when you have it ready.





    I'll have a go at this. Hopefully it is similar to the add a new page in 2.2? Could the featured products module be used if fixed images were used? If random ones from the whole galleries images, could the new products module be amended so it looked in there instead of the products? Probably a very naive way of thinking how it works! :-"


    If I managed to do this (with help probably/hopefully) I'll definately share. I think the ability to add various modules would be great for your contribution.



  18. Hi Jim


    I went for it & uploaded your Modular Front Page thanks & it does what it say on the tin. :thumbsup:


    You mentioned that the size of the banner rotator could be changed. Can you tell me where please as it isn't quite to the edge of my main column grid_18 (only have left column)Will this mean the banners need to be bigger or will it just have white space or will the size of the banner area be dependant upon the size of the banners I put into it? i.e. It would fit to the size of that group?


    I'm wondering if there are any different options for the sequence buttons? I like the ones like burt's which has a 1 2 3 buttons & how can I change the black to match my sites colour scheme please? I can ask this in a new thread if necessary. Also where can I change the css so I can have a border?


    One last thing :) Is it possible to create new modules? I will be setting up my gallery again & would love a module simlar to the products one that dispayed randon images from the gallery images. Is this possible please?


    If yes to any of my questions please direct me in the right direction. :D


    Thanks for this it works great & is easy to install. So far I haven't found any problems. :)



  19. Does this work with v2.3.1 please?


    I'm wanting a rotator banner but not sure whether to go for this or the Modular front page contribution which has one in too. Trouble is I don't want all the modules so is this over kill?


    I only have one column so can I adjust the size of the display so it is across the top of effectively grid_18 710px?

    Is it determined by the image sizes or the css? What is the default with this?



  20. Hi Jack


    I think I am going to have to start again with a fresh install of 2.3.1 :(

    I will then do a fresh install for this new version instead of HTC. Hope it goes as well as it did before!

    I also have Ultimate SEO URLSs v2.1c as suggested by you to work with HTC. Is this the same version to go with your HTS on a 2.3.1?




  21. Hi


    I can't find the answer for this (have searched)


    Even though "Award points for Specials" is set to false. It still does. :(

    Is there a code change I need? Or is this not working for all versions? I have 1.6


    How do I exempt products for points? If I enable points restriction I would expect to have to state which ones,but it asks "If restriction enabled set model allowed" ?

    "Or set product ID allowed"

    "Or set category ID allowed"


    Could you explain please? :)


    I would expect to set to true & have to put in the category ID which doesn't have points.


    Also does this work as the special exception doesn't?


    Thanks :)


  22. Julie, on an ADSL line uploading should be slower than downloading. Depending on your ISP the difference is quite likely to be of the order of only a quarter of the speed, or less. I would suggest you upload smaller files and use SDS to make group file downloads. You can put multiple files in Filezilla's queue so you don't have to wait for each one to finish before starting the next, and it shouldn't really take any longer to upload several small files than it does to upload one big one of the same total size. It also shouldn't take any longer for someone to download them either. What it will make a difference to, however, is the likelihood of something breaking during the upload process. Sending up several smaller files gives less chance for anything to go wrong on each one.

    It is frustrating having "up to 8meg" but really only receiving 1-2meg. I wish for the day of the superfast speeds .. we are so lacking behind. :(

    Do also note that it's not a choice of just individual files or one big one, you can group several small files in one zip, make another zip for a few more etc, and then make each zip part of an SDS group file download.



    I hadn't thought of that >_< so having 2 zip files with 3 files would be easier than 1 large upload & still be only two download buttons (using the group feature)? yes.

    With so many files I didn't want to make all of them single downloads. I feel that would put the customer off too, as buying just 2 or 3 bundles would result in 18! download files (buttons) 2-3 is best but 4-6 is acceptable I guess.


    Any suggestions on ftp programmes. Faithful Filezilla just doesn't like it, but SmartFTP is working on slightly better odds at the moment. I like free programmes :)


    Thanks once again ;)