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  1. jimormsbee

    Ship In Cart Documentation

    This has been very educational. Eventually my store will be perfect. The tools are all here. I'll check out all the recommended addons, but at the moment I'm just glad to get everything working. Thanks much, Jim
  2. That was perfect Rainer. I knew the answer would be simple. I learn so much just by using the system, but so much more by the problems I've had and the answers I receive in this forum. This community edition is fantastic, but it has definitely been a challenge. Thank you very much. I just noticed the reaction icons on the messages. I'll definitely use them and respond every time I get an answer. Jim
  3. I have upgraded my store to OsC CE and added to add-ons: Discount Codes BS and Ship In Cart BS. I'm using Zone Rates with 5 zones to calculate shipping. Everything seems to be working great except that 3 lbs is added to the shipping weight no matter how many products are in the cart or which of the 5 zones they are shipped to. As you can see in the sample below, the 2 products add up to 0.88 lbs, but in the Delivery Methods, they are shown as 3.88 lbs. I've tried several different scenarios, and 3 lbs is always added. I've checked all of the few programs that I changed as instructed for the add-ons, but I can't find 3 lbs. Where might I look? Thanks, Jim
  4. jimormsbee

    Ship In Cart Documentation

    Thanks everyone. My main problem seems to be that I don't fully understand what the 'Ship In Cart' add-on is supposed to do. I'll play with it to get a better feeling for its purpose before I ask any more questions. As far as installation instructions, I see that you saw that 'Content' was missing. Other than that I'm just a little confused. In (3) it says OPTIONAL if you have in admin => Configuration => My Store => Display Prices with Tax => set to "true". Then in (4) it says the same thing. My question is, would it be good to set it to "true" and make the suggested changes. If I understood better why I might want to set it to true maybe I would better understand the answer. Again, I'll play with it and probably answer my own question. Thanks much, Jim
  5. jimormsbee

    Ship In Cart Documentation

    I recently upgraded to OsC CE and installed 'Ship In Cart BS reloaded 4.2'. To put it simply I don't know how to set up the Shipping Module or any other module to take advantage of it. I followed all the installation instructions carefully and did find some errors in the instructions such as needing to go to 'Content' to Install Modules. However, I don't know how to set up anything after this Add-On has been installed. Is there any documentation on how to use 'Ship In Cart'? I did look in earlier versions but could find no documentation. Thanks, Jim
  6. Frank, In trying to get help from AlgoZone, I believe they just went out of business. I was on their website last week and had sent their support an email but had received no reply. When I went to their website this morning, I found that I was unable to connect to it. I tried calling and found that their phone was disconnected. I am now searching for alternative templates and most specifically Responsive Templates. I found one that I liked entitled "Zack". Is it or any other template good? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Jim
  7. I'm trying to get AlgoZone to help. I will to back to v2.3.4 if they can't or won't. Thanks, Jim
  8. I understand your reasoning, but I'm not asking for a solution, just a direction. I have been using this template since 2006 with no problems, and I've gone through several osCommerce upgrades. AlgoZone is a major supplier of templates for osCommerce. I am trying to get help from them also. I was strongly encouraged to upgrade to the Community Edition of osC before I installed PayPal. This was my ultimate objective. Before installing PayPal I wanted to make sure everything was going to work correctly in the CE version. I would hope that my challenges might help those working on this and future editions. Again, I just want suggestions. Jim
  9. Thank you M. I understand your comment regarding the user.css file, but I'm not sure why adding the css changes provided by AutoZone to the user.css file does not address my current issue. I did add all the changes provided by AlgoZone in the stylesheet.css file to the user.css file, and it did not solve my problem. This seems to be what you meant. How do I solve my problem? Do you have any suggestions? Jim
  10. I apologize. Line 36 in the php file is: new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, false, false, $column_location); Thanks again, Jim
  11. Thanks for response Bruce. I installed originally an AlgoZone template, and I had later added CCGV. However, I decided to overwrite everything and add it back in after I got the store running. I did this and have made progress, but one thing puzzles me. When I go into the store, I get the following error in an AlgoZone php: Fatal error: Class 'infoBoxHeading' not found in /home/webhosting/healthofeden.com/includes/boxes/categories_az_FL03C00072.php on line 36 The class 'infoBoxHeading' is found in stylesheet.css. I did not see stylesheet.css in catalog directory of 'Response-osCommerce-master'. I added it to the catalog directory of my temporary server, but in this situation it seems to not be linked. How should I link to stylesheet.css, or should I add these classes to another file such as user.css which is currently empty? I apologize. My knowledge of php is somewhat limited. Thanks much, Jim
  12. I have an existing osCommerce store that I want to upgrade from v2.3.4 to v. CE. How do I do this and keep my existing database? I have verified that it matches the structure of the database in the oscommerce.sql file in the /install folder. Are there steps I need to take? I can't find any instructions. Thanks, Jim
  13. jimormsbee

    CCGV Discount Coupon Redemption Difficulty

    This is off topic, but I agree; and I started the topic. It applies to the implemention of these changes and any others where you have made modifications. I myself am cheap. I use the freebie "WinDiff". If you're not involved in a lot of development, this is probably sufficient. Jim
  14. jimormsbee

    CCGV Discount Coupon Redemption Difficulty

    WE HAVE A SOLUTION!!! It is a contribution under Credit Class & Gift Voucher posted by "aviram" on 24 Feb 06. It's his 1st contribution so the format is just a little hard to follow. You make all the changes yourself in several programs. I tested it and it WORKS! :D