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  1. I'll email you privately and see if you can take a look. Thanks!
  2. Could it be a conflict with another contribution? I know my category.php has been hacked quite a bit with different ones I've installed.
  3. Thanks for responding on Christmas day! I'm on the 2-2.2d-5. I haven't tried installing an earlier version of this. What should I try?
  4. It's working . . . oddly. I just did an install of this contribution (Thanks by the way.) After uploading all the additions and edits I initially got a blank, white screen. I tried reversing the edits one doc at a time till by elimination I found that it worked by NOT using the changes to the general.php file and the application_top.php file. Can't use those. It works with only the html_output.php and .htaccess edits. As far as the categories.php edits, it can go either way. Doesn't help or doesn't break it. I did also experiment with turning the "Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)" in the Configuration admin page. I turn it on and the pretty urls work, but when I check up on it, I see that the value has reverted back to "False." I know, since it works I should probably not be trying to fix it, but this is curious and curiouser. Should I go deeper into this Wonderland, or just leave it alone and be glad it's working? "Alice" BTW, my store does have maybe half a dozen mod's already installed. I'm on MS2 and the Ultimate SEO I'm using is what's currently on top of the download list.
  5. keress

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I need to install a contribution that will allow my client to specify that certain of his products are to be sent flat rate, for other products they can choose between fedex and UPSP. Is this the best contribution to accomplish this? I see that you all have been working on this for an impressive length of time. Is it ready for "public consumption" by non-programmers like myself?
  6. We're testing our shipping modules. We've set the tare weight to 0, with a $3 handling fee. FedEx shipping is adding 1 pound to the item and not adding the handling charge. Anybody recognize this kind of problem?
  7. We are getting a message: We are using the standard USPS module included with basic installation. We've entered the username and password to our established USPS account. What can this error mean?
  8. I'm hoping there's a contribution that will display the main categories of the catalog, with pictures, in the space usually occupied by the "New Products" infobox, in other words the main, center column of the index.php page. I've looked in the Contributions and didn't see anything. Does anybody know of something like this?
  9. keress

    Free shipping with VAT

  10. keress

    Built-In Free Shipping

    I've seen mention of a built-in free shipping module, but I can't find any such thing. Where is it? How do I access it?
  11. keress

    Free shipping with VAT

    I'm sorry, could you explain a little more what's meant here?
  12. This contribution seems to be close to what we're looking for. We need to be able to set up some of our products with an option that will notify the customer that we will need to calculate freight charges manually, and get back to them with final price. We then need an email back to us with info on them and the product they want to order. For most of our products we can use existing shipping modules, but for the overweight items we need to quote several freight companies before we know what's best. Does anyone have any idea how much modification would be required of this contribution to work this way?
  13. I'm trying to install the All Products contribution and was trying to get some bugs out of the allprods.php. I made some formatting changes and now I can't call the page up. I get the index.php main page instead. I've been looking for a support thread for allprods, but can't find anything that isn't some years old, so I'm posting here. Can anybody give me a clue what's going on?
  14. Oh, I see. There must be a file I need to give write permissions to. I'd better re-read the instructions for this contrib. Sorry to bother you.
  15. I've installed a new store by duplicating an existing one (on different servers). I've tested it out pretty thoroughly and everything's working as it should, except for an error when I try to use the Header Tags Controller in Admin. I get the following error when I hit "submit" Thanks much for any help.