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  1. Hello,

    congratulions, this contribuition is fantastic !


    I have two problems to put its work fine and i tink if you help me .....



    1- When the pop-up windows is show the produt's, when i click to select the produt it don't past to the configurator page.I click in the produts and nothing hapeness.

    2- I use a template and the dimension of the site is 1000 px.I remove the colunn right and the colunn left to the file compbuid.php because it show in the tempate but the dimenson of the configurator page don´t folow the rest of the site, it's minor.



    Can't you help me to fix this problems.




    Thanks Ema.


    I'm not sure why you cannot select a product from the popup-list, and I don't think it's a java problem because you are seeing the products in the list. Have you done any of your own modifications to the builder, like adding an extra field, or removing any? And if possible, do you have a URL so I can see? PM me if you need to keep it private.


    Secondly, the dimension and position of the builder/configurator (and popup list). You will need to experiment with the widths and heights in compbuild.php, also play with builder2.php. For the popup you would need to check prduct_list.php and also builder2.php...this code affects the popup:


    if (document.getElementById("oFrame").style.display=="none") {

    var categoryid=-1;

    var aTag;

    tab=e.parentNode; //TR

    var aTag=tab;

    var leftpos=0;

    // var offsetHeight=10;

    var leftpos=0;

    var toppos=0;

    do {

    aTag = aTag.offsetParent;

    leftpos += aTag.offsetLeft;

    toppos += aTag.offsetTop;

    } while(aTag.tagName!="BODY");


    var PopupHeight=254;

    var TotTop=tab.offsetTop+tab.offsetHeight+toppos;


    I haven't played much with this. Most of the code in the builder is very.... untidy!!.. and disorganised... You really will need to experiment a bit to get it looking perfect for your site.

  2. KNOWN ISSUES AFTER V2.5.1 - Things that still need to be sorted out.


    If assembly fees is switched off then the builder wont ‘add to cart’ – this seems to be an old problem as I have gone back to previous versions and found the same problem.


    How to speed up the products list popup – this is a separate file (prduct_list.php) and is called each time a component is selected. It seems that reducing the number of lines from 27 to 10, in compbuild and builder2, speeds up the popup list. But this setting should not be hardcoded, but rather set at the maximum number of builder categories. It is also not the root cause of the sluggishness.


    Dropping session id when adding to cart. (old problem) This is a good thing actually as two builds in a cart would be most confusing. This will be fixed in a major rewrite to make builds appear as products with attributes.


    Adding a lot more to settings in admin for all sorts of control over the builder frontend.


    Line prices in printout seem to differ from the currency used, eg. Set currency to euro, build an order and then print-preview it – you’ll see the total in euros but the line prices are in dollars.


    Builder total is not showing the currency symbol correctly, specifically, it does not convert € (for example) to the euro symbol, instead it just shows €, even though the rest of the builder shows the proper currency. I think this has something to do with the java side – the currency symbol needs to be determined before diving into java. Right now the quick fix is to insert the actual currency symbol into the currencies definitions – this can also be done by opening one of the currencies for editing and then just saving it straight away – the actual symbol will then be written to the file. We could alter the way osc admin saves the symbol but I’d rather not touch core files to fix a builder problem.


    Builder total does not seem to work if the line price goes into a second thousands separator – eg. 3446,455.88 will not be accepted – whereas 223,565.99 will. This was tested using the IDR (Indonesian) currency.



  3. Last minute patches - picked up (and corrected!) during the compilation of the 2.5.1 full installation package - and is now available in the downloads.


    These last minute changes fix problems with new installations and the recreation of the tables (if you ever delete them). Apply these changes for the sake of being fully up to date, other than that your existing builder installation will not benefit from it.




    #### STEP 1: Edit /catalog/includes/column_left.php


    ## FIND:


    if (substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 9) != 'compbuild') {

    $builder_query_raw="select pc_use_software FROM " . TABLE_BUILDER_OPTIONS;

    $builder_query = tep_db_query($builder_query_raw);

    $builder = tep_db_fetch_array($builder_query);

    if (tep_db_num_rows($builder_query) > 0 && $builder['pc_use_software'] > 0) {

    include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'compbuild.php');






    if (substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 9) != 'compbuild') {

    include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'compbuild.php');



    #### STEP 2. Edit /catalog/includes/boxes/compbuild.php


    ## FIND:



    <!-- manufacturers //-->




    if (mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SHOW TABLES LIKE 'compbuild_options'"))==1) {

    $builder_query_raw="select pc_use_software FROM " . TABLE_BUILDER_OPTIONS;

    $builder_query = tep_db_query($builder_query_raw);

    $builder = tep_db_fetch_array($builder_query);

    if (tep_db_num_rows($builder_query) > 0 && $builder['pc_use_software'] > 0) {



    ## FIND:


    <!-- manufacturers_eof //-->


    // }










    #### STEP 3: Edit /catalog/admin/compbuild.php


    ## FIND:


    $messageStack->add_session("Database Tables not found!! - Click Update to Create the DB Tables", 'error');




    echo "<table bgcolor=\"red\"><tr><td><font color=\"yellow\"><b>" . TEXT_NO_TABLES . "</b></font></td></tr></table>";


    #### STEP 4: Edit /catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/compbuild.php


    ## FIND:






    define('TEXT_NO_TABLES',"Database Tables not found!! - Click Update to Create the DB Tables");



    #### FINISHED!


    That's it, you're fully up to date now.





    Setting individual builder categories to have no dependence will give an error if the builder category points to a catalog category that only has products in its subcategories (ugh! - I dunno how to say that in english - read it fast you might understand what I'm trying to say). Anyway.. this will fix the problem:


    Edit /catalog/prduct_list.php




    if ($pc_use_dependence==1 && ($pcid[$_GET['row']] != $pcdcat[$_GET['row']])) {




    if ($pc_use_dependence==1 && ($pcid[$_GET['row']] != $pcdcat[$_GET['row']]) && ($pcdcat[$_GET['row']] != 0)) {


    That's all... (for now).



    **** ATTENTION: h3rB and JIPANG ****


    There is definately an issue with currencies, and until it gets sorted out properly, these minor patches should fix them...



    My development site uses hard currency symbols, not the &currency; notation - so for pounds I have the pound symbol, and so on. The easiest way to obtain the symbol is to put your catalog into that currency, pull up one of the products and then do the famous cut 'n paste trick.



    I have just discovered that leaving out the 'thousands separator' in the currency definition stops the builder from totalling up (at all). Not having dug any further I'm sure there are more issues like this. Anyway, to fix this in the meantime simply insert a comma or something into your currency definition's thousands separator. If it still gives trouble then I would suggest looking at my demo site's admin panel and compare it to what you have. The demo site works after I made these changes.



    This popup used to work. I think it may have been up until I fixed the .00 problem a while back. Anyway, to get the popup (warning you that your total is zero) to work again, edit the following file:






    if (form.sum.value=="0"){

    alert ("You must have products in order");




    if (form.sum.value<"0.01"){

    alert ("You must have products in order");



    That's it - things should start looking better now.


  6. Version 2.5.0 is available in the downloads.


    The matrix editor has been dollied up a bit and is a bit easier to use. Now you can change builder categories without having to leave the page, and you can select 'all builder' categories for the 'big picture'.


    The assembly fee category is no longer hard-coded, this can be set in the configuration.


    The builder settings have consolidated on one page - no more tabbing between category and dependency maintenance.


    The most significant change that you might not see is that the builder categories do not have to be in strict sequential order any more, i.e. 1,2,3,4,5... for the dependencies to work properly (oops, did I never mention this, ever..), now they can be in a loose sequential order, i.e. 3,5,9,13,24... which is quite handy really if you decide to insert a new category between say, 1 and 2, which would cause a bit of upheaval in your dependency settings, not to mention renumbering the remainder of the builder cats.


    Plenty more to say but it's all said in the 2.5.0 download. The demo site has also been updated - see my previous posts for the catalog and admin-side details.

  7. Mike


    Thanks for your GREAT Jobs.


    after install fresh oscommerce and fix some code for sure work properly on XAMPP. i have problem after right install PPC 2.3.5 -> 2.4.0 then the last 2.4.1 it works perfect ... displaying some items and no problem


    but after i update category and add some products then i set currency to IDR as default ... twinks

    PPC category only show 2 category from 4 category ( each category dependence was set rights )

    twice i'm reinstall oscommerce totally still have these bugs


    and the last PPC wont calculate totally amount

    ex: CPU X2 blabla Rp. 1.200.000 ( showing price on PPC is Rp. 1200.000 )

    Mainboard blablabla Rp. 1.800.000 ( showing price on PPC is Rp. 1800.000 )

    Memmory ----------- --------------------------------------------------------------- ( empty category on PPC, meanwhile on category have lot of items )

    total price Rp. 0.00 ( not calculating )


    Print Button , add cart button and info button when i clicked do nothing ( no pop up like early fresh install PPC )


    Mike, I need your Help


    Hi, and thanks - this thing is going somewhere now.


    I have not looked into the currencies much but will do so asap - this is not the first time a currency problem has come up.


    About the problems you seem to be having with your categories - the compbuild_dependences table can get quite cluttered because poor maintenance scripts were in place to remove them if builder categories were deleted, renumbered, etc.. If you say you've reinstalled, does that mean you have cleared the tables too on each attempt... if not then I would suggest clearing the compbuild_dependences table and then redefine your product dependences. Otherwise, I'm not too sure really, I'll try to duplicate the problem and go from there.


    Oh, are you running your catalog in english ?


    In the meantime - and I'm not sure if it'll fix any of the problems you're having, but it will make things easier for you. Version 2.5.0 is out - see next post.

  8. anyway to convert this to load abit quicker when you click on stuff. or possible a different layout? maybe even radio buttons and a list. thanks!


    I reckon it'll take a bit of optimising on the db-queries, but that's a little way off - there's a lot of 'bad' code. Right now I'm totally focussed on getting this beast to behave.


    I really like the idea of radio buttons - development will progress that way (if possible).



  9. awesome contrib, 100x easier to install than the ccc n it works like piss! i jus wonder how do i remove the ?> at the top left of the comp build page


    That was covered in v2.4.0 - here's the fix:


    ##### STEP 9. Edit /catalog/compbuild.php


    ## FIND: (line 88) - THIS WAS MY FAULT - I LEFT A '?>' TAG BY MISTAKE



    <body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0">


    <!-- header //-->


    ## REPLACE WITH: (if you haven't already)



    <body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0">

    <!-- header //-->


    ;) - sorry for the late reply - been bashing version 2.5 into shape - yo'l gonna like it.

  10. How easy is it to do.

    I'm not the greatest at modding stuff but I know my way around a little


    The instructions are very straightforward and 100% correct, so if you follow them to the T then I doubt you'll have any trouble. Make sure you download PC Pro Creator V2.3.5 - use this one! and start there. Then you can follow the upgrade path right up to the latest version.


    What you'll need to do then is make some new images that replace the ones in /catalog/build/img.

    You will need to change some texts in the language files /catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/compbuild.php and product_depends.php, and also in /catalog/includes/languages/english/compbuild.php.

    Then you might need to change some texts in the builder program (source) files too - just have a look at what the builder is showing you and then use something like TextPad to search and locate the 'offending' terminology. Just remember to backup - if you crash your system then just go back one step.


    The builder is transparent to the products and categories you have in your catalog (database) - in the builder settings in admin you simply point the 'builder category' to the 'oscommerce category' - set the dependancy categories for each one and then define your individual products dependencies with the matrix editor (or in the product edit page - if you wish).


    Remember that this 'PC Builder' is not specifically for PC's - it's just an easy way to 'place' this addon - cakes are no different really - you can't have cherries if you don't have the final layer or the icing for that matter. Same as you cannot have an AGP video card if you don't have a motherboard or a motherboard with an AGP slot. The only thing that makes this contrib specific to computer hardware is the terminology - change that and you have a different 'intelligent' products assembler.


    Give it a bash, I'm sure you won't have any problems - you're more than welcome to test the theory on the demo site - add some products and play with the builder settings, and the matrix editor too - the matrix editor is what ties everything together at an individual product level, here you tell it that red icing simply isn't a good color match for cherries. A simple important rule to remember is that the products listed down the left side are dependent on those listed across the top (use I.E. and not FF (yet)). By checking any particular box you are telling the builder that the product on the left side will only be made available (shown) when the product on the top has been selected by the visitor. So basically, when you're looking at one of the products on the top, all the checkboxes in that column (looking down) are the products that will be available when it has been selected. It works on multiple category levels too (I haven't tested how many), so if you have a category for toppings (and a bunch of subcats below that) you can point the builder category to it and the rest should fall into place (in the matrix editor and the frontend). If you don't want to charge for assembly then simply remove it using the builder settings in admin - it'll go away.


    Good luck with that... shout if you need some help.

  11. Hi drkdragon311,


    I dunno if you solved your problem yet but I ran into the same problem as you did. Is your URL correct? Is your PHP.ini settings set to get full URL? Since I can't edit my PHP.ini on my web host, a work around is just to copy and paste the code that's in builder2.php and paste it just after the <head> tag.


    Version 2.4.1 has been posted in the downloads - and it might resolve this little issue of builder2.php (above).


    This is another upgrade so make sure you've got 2.4.0 in already. Read the instructions carefully, you can do the quick upgrade or the full upgrade which should take you less than 20 minutes anyway.


    Various issues have been sorted out; file handling conventions, the way builder2.php is included (man!!, why did we need all that extra code), version number discrepancy in admin, product edit links in the dependency matrix editor, and last but not least... the dropdown list in the builder frontend has been increased in length - and now you won't have any problem increasing it to whatever you want either. It seemed easy enough in the beginning, but now it actually works.

  12. Version 2.4.0 has been posted in the downloads.


    The dependency matrix editor is now a reality - and will save loads of time editing your individual product dependencies.


    I have updated the demo site so you can have a look - from the admin side goto the BUILDER SETTINGS, click the DEPENDENCIES tab, and then click one of the green PRODUCTS buttons.


    NB: Development in progress - more functions and cosmetics on the way - for now it works like a charm.



  13. I have installed a fresh copy of 2.2 MS2, downloaded the most recent builder 2.3.5 and plugged it in as per the instructions - I haven't done much else. The purpose of this site is for you to see the front-end and the back-end of the builder and to play around with it.


    The address is www.finchtech.co.za/demo


    The admin side is at www.finchtech.co.za/demo/admin

    USERNAME admin

    PASSWORD admin


    Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for anything whatsoever. If the S' hits the F' I won't hesitate to shut it down.


    FYI: If the site gives trouble, etc.. etc.. just send me a personal mail (or something) - check my profile.

  14. Hi!

    I have problem ...

    I cant edit PC Pro Creator in admin panel.

    Any changes i will try to make and then i'm click save and it says everything is ok Category Processor updated successfully Category Mainboard updated successfully Category Memory updated successfullyetc

    but nothing happened ;s


    btw i see its Custom PC Creator 2.3 BETA but downloaded 2.3.5 is it okay? ;)


    Have you defined dependencies for the products as well? Edit (in admin) one of your products and have a look at the end of the page - you'll see something about dependencies. Here you will define which products it (the one you're editing) is dependant on. It eventually grows to a list - it's not pretty, but you'll figure it out. Plans are to dolly this up a bit and make it more user friendly.


    PLEASE NOTE: If a product is dependant on all the products in a particular category then you will need to define each one in - it's a beech but I've already been working on it - I will post updates soon to make maintenance a breeze.

  15. Update to V2.3.5 uploaded (again!) - this time the installation instructions have been revised - there were some things missing - and there were some bad things that would have p'd some people off.


    If you have already installed V2.3.5 (and the admin fix in the previous update) and have it running then don't bother with this installation - nothing else has changed.

  16. Anyone, (Please Help)


    Are you guys sure that this contrib works with the latest version?? I recently installed the new version cart from scratch on my website without installing anything else but the PC Pro Creator and followed everything to the TEE. I keep getting this error in the upper left hand corner inside of the Admin consel: _BOXES . 'reports.php'); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'tools.php'); ?>


    Has anyone seen this??


    It looks like this:




    I performed the same contrib on an older version and it worked perfectly without any issues. What needs to be done?? Why am I getting this in the upper left hand corner. On the cart that works, it shows the build computer category, but the newer version doesn't. Please help me with this!!! This is a great contribution when it works!!! Please let me know if there is something that I need to do with the newer version of the cart.






    Seems like a problem with the admin/includes/column_left.php file. Post it up here and I'll take a look.

  17. i need support in this to can any one help ??


    Sorry folks! I've been away for a while.


    I'm sure I can be of some help with this contrib..... I have spent a fair amount of time with this little monster and I will be publishing my work-in-progress so you can see it actually working (in english).