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  1. Hi

    is any way to change size of displayed image? in table products_image i have big images about 100KB each the creator works very long to show all images in products list,

    in products_info.php i made a thumbnail (function html_output) how to use it in my prd_list? it is not possible co convert thousands of images and use another table to save it, any idea to use thumb in this contrib?


    Nothing available yet. Thumbnails will work in the builder soon - count on it.

  2. does anyone recommend a good oscommerce addon that will resize my images in the category section.

    I find when i upload my pictures which can be different widths/height it resizes it to what i have set in admin\images which can make the images look stretched or squashed.


    Also would does the builder do any resizing when displaying images in the drop downs?


    An absolute must for your store. I have two installed;


    'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library

    Very straightforward and works well. Replaces the tep_image function so its sitewide in an instant.



    This one uses the same GD library but has a lot more functions and control. Also quite easy to install. Also a tep_image replacement.


    Out of the two I cannot say. I have a small (tiny) issue with oscThumb but AutoThumb lacks flexibility - if you pushed me into a corner I would go for the first one. I have both running, so when I flick the oscThumb switch off then the Auto Thumbnailer kicks in, and if I switch that off then it goes back to coal and steam.


    The builder uses javascript to show the images and so does not take advantage of any osc graphics functions. This will change soon. For now the only control over those images is the size - if the image is 100k then the entire 100k is loaded, even if you just want it in a 50x50 pixel box - this is the advantage of the thumbnailers and thats why the builder must (and will) use it.

  3. I installed oscommerce off my websites cpanel/fantastico installer which i am pretty sure is the latest version


    This is my first contirb installed and is the only contrib i have running at the moment and i am pretty sure i started from 2.5.1. I


    The builder currently is working with a combination of 2.5.3 and 2.51 and does everything i need it too so do you think i should reinstall it from scratch or just leave it for now? My motto is if it isn't broken don't fix it...so far it seems to work great. Should i hold out until ver 3?




    Thanks for your help.


    For now I would leave it - like you say.. ditto.


    Version 3 is looking very good.

  4. i have put prduct_list.php back to 2.5.2 backup for now and the print is working properly now.


    will have another look at prduct_list.php ver2.5.3 tomorrow


    thanks for your help


    Looks like you've nailed it. All works and print looking okay.

  5. i'm not good at debugging and i can't see what the problem is for me



    not sure if this is related but in the admin section for the builder if i edit/add a catergory and then click update it clears all the changes including pictures. it has always done this for me so i have been creating categories in phpmyadmin.

    However i can go in and edit the dependencies by clicking on the "green products" on the right. The update button appears to update in this section.


    am i suposed to give permissions to certain files?


    Ouch - I only ever saw that once when I really started knocking this beast around, but I don't ever recall any of my releases having that kind of bug.


    Give me a heads-up on your site; how heavily have you modded it, and if possible tell me what other contribs you are using. My main develoment platform has almost 200 mods and then there's all my tweaks as well, so if this builder can work there then I'm sure we can get yours going properly too.


    No special permissions required - confirmed.


    The admin/compbuild.php file does some hectic work on writing the config, a small error there could have major consequences. Along the way I have added and removed little bits of the DB tables so a few of those instructions may have fallen into the cracks on your side. The surefire way to get you into a known state is to completely uninstall - start with version 2.5.1 (full install), then all the patches up to date (2.5.4). Ignore the forum posts except that one about the 'fields=10' (which I have subsequently tested and it definitely sorts out the print preview). I would also suggest going by the manuals instructions - they're pretty straightforward and I always test in triplicate (local plain osc, live demo plain osc, and then my main dev site (local and live depending)) before releasing them (I'm a natural virgo yes!). The instructions are mainly find and replace - I like doing it that way and I like to be consistent so that for everyone else there are no surprise crypticals. I reckon you could do it in less than an hour.


    Oh, and don't do any manual DB entries (sqls) for the install (if you go that way) - rather, after the install go to admin/builder settings and click 'update' to create the tables. And another suggestion - apply all the patches right up to 254 before touching the builder in admin or the frontend.


    Failing that, I need to see your /admin/compuild.php and /catalog/prduct_list.php. I dunno if you could PM them to me, otherwise whatever works. I can't guarantee being of any use though as this could be a problem from any one of the related files and/or tables.


    I hope some of all this helps - I see no reason why this thing shouldn't be working especially that it was running okay earlier.




  6. yeah i thought something was up to as i compared it to your demo site which says (best viewed in I.E.) but it isn't showing that on mine.


    will check prduct_list.php and see if i am missing anything.


    You did do the core edits as well? - there are some minor changes but they're big enough to cause this type of problem too.


    Just another thought - prduct_list.php is very touchy, so the fact that it's showing something in the popup list (at all) suggests that prduct_list is okay. I doubt it also has anything to do with the short descriptions either as a problem there would show a completely empty box.

  7. Hi Tencents


    i have upgraded to 2.5.3 and done as mentioned in the previous posts but now i have no products in the builder but i still have products in my osc categorys on main page.



    not sure if i have done something wrong or forgot something.


    i upgraded by just comparing and relplacing files, i didn't manual edit files


    Mmm, I noticed that and wondered what you were doing. The problem is most likely with your prduct_list.php file. But your builder doesn't look modified - you should be able to just copy the new builder files over - especially prduct_list.php (lots of changes).


    I'm trying to think what else might be causing it - will let you know if anything comes up.


    I have just compiled a version 2.5.4 patch for the short descriptions problem mentioned in this forum - saves everyone trying to piece it all together.

  8. what was wrong with print? since updating the max builder categories the price seems fine and all products can be selected now.



    i haven't got around to 2.5.3 yet will update to it shortly.


    If you don't select all components after the 10th category then the unselected ones come though on the print preview with an 'undefined' error.


    I'm sure it's that 'var fields=10' thing.

  9. Hi Tencents you beat me too it, i hadn't refreshed the forum to check for new posts


    thanks for you help and great contrib


    you may also be able to help. is there a way to increase the amount of text inputed into the product description but limit it in the builder description?


    Thanks!!, no prob!


    You should upgrade to version 2.5.3 actually, all the stupid little things are sorted out - and then you will find this bit of code in prduct_list.php:



    $short_description_length = 50;


    Make sure you apply the upgrade correction too, and then have a look in this forum for the last patch I helped ikaros_60 with - then you should have no problems with the short descriptions - I have yet to see in generate any more errors.


    Have fun!

  10. just found the fix for this


    you need to edit catalog/compbuild.php


    around line 136 you should see



    var tlines=27;



    insert the following below // MAXIMUM BUILDER CATEGORIES


    var fields=X; where x is the maximum categories you want i put var fields=30;





    Same time - different places. I see your print still isn't working - try my patch too!!

  11. Hoping someone can help me. I have PC Pro Creator 2.5.2 and everything appears to be working except for one small problem.


    I have about 20 categories listed on my builder for all components and software and assembly. The first 10 categories work perfect but on the 11th category through to 20th - when you add a product it doesn't put the price in the price field. To test it i changed the category order for one of the categories that didn't work and if i put below 10 it will add prices fine but as soon as you go above 10 it puts 0.00


    If you select the product/quantity and then add to cart it does add the product to the cart and it also has the correct pricing in the cart but the price is different to the price in the builder


    Any ideas on what this maybe?








    Hi Peter,


    Try this:


    ##### In /catalog/build/builder2.php


    ## FIND:



    var fields=10;





    var fields=20;


    ## You can change the 20 to whatever you foresee fit for your store.


    Just on a side note. I am busy with version 3 (oh yeah! - I got the single product builds working). Besides that - this little problem you have right now is something that will never bother us again.


    About the cart / price / qty issues, I'm not sure - try it again after you've changed builder2.php.




  12. I have done all the upgrades

    and everything looks work perfect. :)




    Just one thing, I see your popup list is empty on the hardrives.


    Look at my previous post (just before yours), there's a patch about the description, but modify it slightly as follows:


    ## INSTEAD OF:


    $temp_description = strip_tags($temp_description);




    $temp_description = strip_tags(addslashes($temp_description));




    Let me know if it still doesn't work



    I use FCKeditor on my full (cumulative) development site and noticed that the short descriptions are preceeded with a linefeed/carriage return. This

    small patch fixes that.


    ##### Edit /catalog/prduct_list.php


    ## FIND (three occurances):



    $temp_description = str_replace("\r", "", $aount['products_description']);

    $temp_description = str_replace("\n", "", $temp_description);

    if (strlen($temp_description) >= $short_description_length) {

    $temp_description = substr($temp_description,0,$short_description_length) . "...";



    ## REPLACE (all three) WITH:



    $temp_description = str_replace("\r", "", $aount['products_description']);

    $temp_description = str_replace("\n", "", $temp_description);

    $temp_description = strip_tags($temp_description);

    if (strlen($temp_description) >= $short_description_length) {

    $temp_description = substr($temp_description,0,$short_description_length) . "...";



    #### DONE!


    This instruction will be released with the next (2.5.4?) upgrade.

  14. Version 2.5.3 (upgrade) has been posted in the downloads.


    The following changes are made:

    1. Support for duplicate builder categories + intelligent 'add-to-cart'

    2. Products options popup list honors product status and stock quantity. Now sorted by price (asc)

    3. Short descriptions hangup fixed

    4. Print preview currency issue fixed + close button for convenience

    5. Millions calculation working

    6. Builder total currency symbol issue fixed

    7. Thousands separator causing builder not to total. How-to-fix details included




  15. THX Mike

    it works now great i can see listed products and select it


    hm now i have only 2 errors

    first :

    contrib works only in 2 currencies USD and EUR

    when i change currency to PLN the total price doesnt change and print preview doesnt show anyting "You must have products in order"

    is any way to show product list in PLN currency and add products to cart in this currency?


    second :

    minor select query to make list of products need status="1" , default i can see all products in list from shop and select it even when status is 0

    but made new hardware compilations add only available products




    The currency problem (and other) has been fixed - check the downloads for the latest update.


    PLEASE NOTE: There is an issue with the thousands point which stops the builder working properly - I have made notes about this, included with the updates.

  16. Hello Mike

    i found and one other small problem

    when, in admin panel, one product the status is not availble you can see it in the list of

    product and you can choose it. but is ok after because when you add it in the cart is not there

    but is better if you can make it not to show it in the list




    Ikaros, please get the latest updates (version 2.5.3) which will fix most of the issues you've mentioned so far.

  17. thanks TENCENTS for the thorough explaination of this contribution.. Sounds liek it is ALMOST where i want it to be.. The ATTRIBUTES idea sounds like the absolute most perfect soltuion on there..


    if you are interested in having it sponsored by myself so that the idea is expedited, let me know. I have sponsored some contributions before and wouldnt be against doing it again if it was worth it for me..


    I know that there are some photo store specific codes out there for just this type of thing, but they are not open source, but if you wanted to see something liek that in action, i COULD give you some links..


    Menalto.com/gallery has something like that and that is opensource, i'm just not so sure how good it is.


    PM me if your interested.


    Thanks for your offer Lindsay, very sporting of you but not necessary. Your need and my dream shall coincide on this one.


    If you can wait another week (two max) then I should have something we can start running through the mill.



  18. I am interested in using this contribution, but for a different type of application and was wondering if there was anyone else out there who has done this, or who can atleast let me know that it COULD be done..


    I have a photography website and i sell prints of the images that are shot. I want the customers to be able to "build" a calander out of 13 images, so essentially they would just add the 13 images to the one product and just pay for that product.. Do you think that this contribution could do that?? I could easily put all the images on one page and just have them click checkboxes under the image.. THat would actually be idea..


    Any thoughts/suggestions?


    also, does anyone feel like sharing a link to their site that has this contribution installed so i can take a look??




    You could do that with this contrib, although there would be one major drawback. This contrib will allow you to assemble 'a product', but when you click 'add to cart' it would simply dump all the products into the cart - you would have no idea which photo was for Jan, Feb, etc.. The only way around that would be to setup categories in oscommerce representing the months, and then put photos in each month. Your visitors would then be limited to the photos you have made available for each month. Expanding on this idea, instead of separate photos in each month you could have one photos category, and then links to each one from the month categories. It sounds simple but I think that would be a maintenance nightmare for you - every time you add a photo you'll need to create twelve links to it.


    I have a dream to make this builder build a single product - so you see it in the cart it is one product - each component appearing as an attribute. But that's a dream, I'll need a few more rainy days for that.


    For links to sites running this contrib have a look at the most recent posts (before yours). You can also visit my demo site and you can go to the admin panel (un:admin pw:admin) to see how that looks (and works). Feel free to rearrange the site - I got backups.

  19. Yes, it works perfect now. ^_^


    Thank you for the quick reply.

    and 1 more suggest , if in the admin panel we can choose and from categories not only from the manufacturers.


    we are waiting for your news....


    Thank you!!!


    It's a pleasure...


    Do you mean the matrix editor - like I've done filtering by manufacturers, you want the same thing for (oscommerce) categories?

  20. Hi mike

    you have make a GREAT Jobs.


    i have one small problem ,when i put 2 lines of the same product and i press the add to cart button it takes only the 1 product

    you can see


    ram2 or



    all the others work perfect


    and some suggest for the future

    if it can the products be sorted by price in the boxes for the clients

    and in the admin panel some buttons for check all for the square boxes

    you can see the test site http://aidata.no-ip.biz/datalan2/


    Thank you!!!




    One problem is fixed....


    Fix builder add-to-cart function. This makes it possible to use duplicated builder categories.


    ##### In /catalog/compbuild.php


    ## FIND:


    $cart->add_cart($products_count[$i], $products_qty[$i], $_POST['id']);




    $cart->add_cart($products_count[$i], $cart->get_quantity(tep_get_uprid($products_count[$i], $_POST['id']))+$products_qty[$i], $_POST['id']);


    ##### DONE!



  21. Hi mike

    you have make a GREAT Jobs.


    i have one small problem ,when i put 2 lines of the same product and i press the add to cart button it takes only the 1 product

    you can see


    ram2 or



    all the others work perfect


    and some suggest for the future

    if it can the products be sorted by price in the boxes for the clients

    and in the admin panel some buttons for check all for the square boxes

    you can see the test site http://aidata.no-ip.biz/datalan2/


    Thank you!!!




    Yes I am aware of this, and I agree that it should work the way you have done it. I will look now to fix the problem. I will also look to removing the QTY box.


    Sorting.. yes that makes sense - I'll make that controllable in admin.


    Checking all boxes - definitely - I remember running into some complication, but definitely will make that available.

  22. Hi all

    thanks for your great jobs.

    i have problem with package 2.5.1 mabye i made some mestake

    Adding product dependence in admin panel user can not select any item, products doesnt show in the select list and

    using package ppc 2006-08-24 user can select item and can add it in builder , total price has changed it looks work fine

    how to change currency in ppc 2006-08-24 ? sum total price works only in USD and EUR not in my defined PLN Polish zloty


    i dont know whats wrong , any idea?

    My test link 2.5.1

    please help


    This is a problem I know about and I haven't quite figured out how to get around it. There are some html tags in one of your products descriptions. You can either edit them out, or you could try changing these values in /catalog/prduct_list.php.... there are three of them (only one is used for assembly fees)


    ##### FIND: left(products_description,50) ...................




    The reason why this happens is that java is displaying the shortened descriptions, when it gets to a tag or something in the text that it can't display it bombs the list - so all you'll see is a thin blue line at the top. If you look at the code you'll see I went a bit wild with the stripping and slashing - mainly because I don't know what the heck I'm doing, haha... :lol: - anyways... it works more than it doesn't.


    It's on my to-do list..... unless someone beats me to it.