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  1. After playing around with the Java settings in IE and FF I can safely say that the 'return to index page' issue is not related to this. In fact, if you disable Java then the builder will load but it will not show any component categories and you will see a 'Loading - please wait' message (forever).


    The saga continues - the information Mat has provided proves that the builder does not even attempt to re-enter itself after clicking the 'build' button - it just heads straight for the index page. Grrrr!!! :angry:

  2. I have posted an update in the downloads, version 1.0.1. - it's not a full install, just a handful of altered builder files which you can copy into your catalog.


    Please be aware of any mods you may have already done to the builder files yourself, in which case use Compare & Merge or something like it.


    I think I've nailed all the PHP5 / MYSQL5 and RC2 compatibility issues.

    Also sorted out a few other minor things - instructions and notes are included.


    If anyone wants me to do a code-level upgrade instruction list for this then just shout (here on the forum) or PM me, I'll be more than happy to do this but the changes are so slight I'm sure nobody will run into problems.

  3. I gotta tell ya, this is all acting REALLY weird.. I have not yet installed this contribution on my server yet, and its because i cant even get your version to work. I keep revisiting the link as you are making changes and such, and every time its something different.


    Again, i am using a Macbook Pro viewing the site in Firefox 3.0.3 (the newest one) Security settings right now are VERY low.


    Right now, when i visted your site, i clicked the down arrow and it brought up the list of products. I was unable to select a product from the list. The color changed on hover, but nothing was added as i clicked. So i clicked off of that box to make it hide again so that I could re-open - thedown arrow now does NOTHING. Once i did that, i was unable to get the product select box to open again, and i can not click on any other category.


    Wow! and especially wierd because the test site is working perfectly (well for me anyway (and others I suspect) - I've tried it on 5 different machines on my side).


    I'm not too familiar with the innards of FF - does it have a javascript on/off switch? (it must be on) - it's the only thing I can think of right now that might be causing so much 'trouble' on your side.


    Other than that I'm stumped! Haven't given up but definitely stumped.

  4. Hey Mike!


    I have Enable_Disable_Categories_1.6.5 installed. It uses a status column.

    For any files that display products, queries must be modified to accomodate.

    So... as the shopping_cart.php, and the cpb's files are not modified, it works like a charm!







    Thank you John.

  5. A WORD OF CAUTION - for those installing a HIDE / UNHIDE CATEGORIES contrib.


    I haven't done it yet so I don't speak from experience, but I would imagine that if the shopping cart isn't allowed to have hidden-category products then we have a problem. So, my cautioning would be aimed at any modifications to the shopping_cart files, if any.


    Thank you. You seem to have gotten your head around this one quite nicely.


    It's easy now for me to look in from the outside and already I see a number of options that could be removed. Be that as it may, I too run a heavily modded development platform and the things you mention are exactly why it ended up being so 'tailorable'.


    Thanks for your feedback on the Google Checkout - nice to know that that works.

  7. 1. Prices Incorrect. - Have tried changing every setting in the shop for the currency settings, but I find that anything that is prices as £5.00 is displayed as £500.

    I'll admit that the code handling the prices is very grey (more like a shambles really), I'll be going through that tonight.


    2. Can't add the created item to the cart.

    This has stumped me - only because I can't duplicate it. I'm desperate to get my hands on a print_r() of $_POST as the builder re-enters itself after clicking 'Build Product'. What really is confusing is that even in it's simplest mode (Bundle) it still misbehaves.


    This is how you could get the print_r() for me.

    Edit /catalog/builder_main.php








    echo "POST:";
    echo print_r($_POST);
    echo "<br>GET:";
    echo print_r($_GET);


    Save it and then go into the builder frontend, select a few components and then hit the 'Build Product' or 'Add to Cart' button - you should just get a blank page with a bunch of text at the top - please cut and paste this into a reply. This will definately get us heading in the right direction - even if it does nothing and just goes back to the index - I'll know where to start looking.


    Remember to undo this 'debug' code after you're done.


    3. The preview button in not working properly? I get a basic screen, just black and white, no images etc, is this correct.

    This is correct, it's just a copy of the product_info.php, slightly modified. You should see the (new) product name the price and one image just below that, and to the left a list of components. This file is builder_product_info.php and you could really go mad modding it, images, etc...


    4. Are the yellow triangles supposed to be there when there is no selection made?

    It's hard-coded :blush:


    In /catalog/includes/modules/builder_main.php you will find this piece of code (near the top):


    var default_line = '<?php echo "  " . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . "no_select.gif", '', 17, 17, 'align=absmiddle') . "  " . TEXT_COMPONENT_NOT_SELECTED;?>';


    and if you wanted to remove that image then you would replace it with this:


    var default_line = '<?php echo "  " . TEXT_COMPONENT_NOT_SELECTED;?>';


    Points 5 and 6 as per JFrancis suggestions.

  8. I got a little excited about this contribution, as the CCC 9.3 almost, almost did what i needed, but is such a pain. And there's no support.


    I just need to be clear about this one before going too far.


    Since this was based on custom computers, i assumed it was the right fit for me. Am i to understand that there is no true dependant dropdowns? If I have small mini-box chassis, my user will only be able to fit certain boards in it. The mainboard dropdown needs to reflect this. And only certain processors work with specific boards, so the processor dropdown needs to reflect that restriction.


    Is there a way to have this mod do such a thing?


    CCC 9.3 kinda sorta did this, but I had to make 100s of builds on the backend to support it and it was based on the chassis the customer started with. THEN, i had to do the same thing all over again so they could pick a board first...




    You might have discovered already that this one does have the dependency thing to limit subsequent component selections. I think it'll be a perfect fit for what you want to do. The only thing it doesn't have is ability to support different types of built products which I think the CCC has an initial template (or chassis) that you can start off with.

  9. hey.. i tried it again, this time on my work computer which is a PC running IE7.. I added images to EVERY "month" and then clicked BUILD PRODUCT and was reverted back to the index page. I DID NOT choose a "set up fee" is this why it did that?? if not, a warning would be better saying "you didnt choose one part of the build" orsomething like that.. This way i wouldnt loose the entire thing i just did..


    I clicked the WHATS NEW box, and my calender was not there, however there were others that were there.. Is there a way to NOT have them show in the whats new? Does is literally create a NEW PRODUCT every time someone builds a custom calender? If so, is there a way to regularly clear that part of the DB so you dont get overrun with useless products?


    Still very strange this is. I have not been able to duplicate this 'redirect back to the index page' - I've only seen it live once and I have no idea what is causing it. I've tried with a multitude of setups; PHP4/5 MYSQL4/5 IE6/FF3 localhost/LAN(intranet)/live - just can't seem to get it to fall over. Admittedly something did come out of testing it on MYSQL5 but these were minor 'legality' issues as opposed to bugs. I will publish these as soon as I've finished testing thoroughly on 5.


    As for not choosing a setup fee, I doubt that this is the problem. In development testing I built thousands of builds, partial and complete, with all sorts of combinations. The only thing I did notice with the calendar setup (on the demo site) is that if you choose, say, Jan and Feb and then a Setup Fee, then when you hit 'Build Product' the Setup Fee becomes the March choice - this is a bug, albeit minor.


    To confirm, the builder does create a new product. If you want to hide these away then I would suggest installing a 'HIDE / UNHIDE CATEGORIES' contribution. Then you could hide the built products, the assembly/setup fees, and even the components (products) that are allocated to the builder.


    I have included some housekeeping options - if you look right at the end of the list of builder options you can set a time limit to disable and/or delete builds automatically. And then there is also another option just above those two to disable a build as it goes to cart.

  10. Is it possible to define multiple customizable products to build? Im not following how to do this.


    Also once a customer adds there build to the cart I dont want it item to be added to my products. Can they build just be disgarded?


    Thanks again




    The builder is only designed to build one type of product, as per your admin settings. Multiple build definitions/templates will be available as this contrib evolves. It'll be an exciting addition to this, but it's not gonna happen really soon.


    To disable the build after the customer has added to cart you'll need to set the builder option 'Disable build after going to cart' to 'Yes' (third option up from the bottom). If the customer removes a build from the cart by mistake then they'll have to build another.

  11. i have found one mestake, when some product id is not added to table compbuild_dependences using this product next category shows all products from dependence category

    for example my processor has id's 19630 this procesor is not added to category dependence because i have not dependented it with another product, when you select this processor you can select many not dependented motherboards

    when you add this product to table compbuild_dependences with another product you can see only one dependenced product so than it works ok


    Thanks enio, I have fixed this but still need to test it properly - I will send you a PM when its ready.

  12. Ok.. I think i understand the mod a little more now. I Am really excited to get working on this. I'm going to install it on my "test" store which is vanilla, and then another test store which has all my shop mods to see how it goes...


    HOWEVER, i still cant add any of YOUR test store products to my cart. It keeps bringing me back to the home page


    That is totally wierd, I've tested it with the latest FF 303 and IE6 (I loath to touch 7). Anyway, I've tested everything top to bottom and I'm quite pleased.


    After clicking 'Build Product' do you get the preview page? And if you do then what happens after clicking 'Add to Cart'?


    FYI: If you click on the 'What's New' infobox (the little arrow) the product you built should be at the top of the list. If it is then experiment with it - click on it and then try to add it to the cart.


    The builder uses a fair amount of javascript. I'm not sure if that might have something to do with this. Also, I know of at least one 'Register Globals' patch for MS2 that stops the builder working - dramatically - this is subtle.

  13. Have you tried to set "Preview build before going to Cart" to "No"?


    Yes, but I don't like the way I've coded it - very clumsy and completely incorrect. In testing, I found an intermittent problem with it and so even though it may appear to be working fine I'd rather say don't use it, not until I (or someone else) releases a patch for it.


    I seem to be picking up a certain tone in your question... er.. has it trashed your site?

  14. Hi Mike,


    Had a really good play with the software this morning, having found an OS Commerce Virtual Machine. (Which BTW is great for setting up a quick shop to play around with)


    The dependencies appear to be able to do what I'd like, I've been able to have a neckline without a collar appearing in the list, so thats great, just what I needed.


    I've still got the currencies issue (though I did drop a backup of my store onto the image so may still be me. I tried deleting the extra 0's off the currency settings, but OS commerce just put them back.

    I did notice that if I set something as £0.05 then this registers as £5 with the builder, however the popup bit shows this as 005, but the total shows £5.00 so maybe something weird going on there?


    Had real problems getting the item to appear in a category or added to the cart. Nothing I do will get the custom item into either, have tried setting it as Bundled Mode on and off, no difference.


    Ideally I'd like it to go straight into the cart as I think this will be less confusing for customers, and ideally as One custom Item as apposed to many seperate items making up the whole order.


    Just another thought, if the customer was to put multiple custom orders into the cart, would this work?


    would love to give you an URL for this, but like I say I'm running this locally.






    Okay, so you're basically running it on a plain vanilla osC install. RC2a or MS2?


    I'd like to duplicate what you have, from there it'll be easy to find the problem. I'll try the virutal machine - sounds interesting.


    Oh, and what browser are you using?

  15. hey. Im viewing your TEST STORE on firefox at home now (i was on my PC at work before) and now i cant get ANYTHING to work.. None of the boxes will open when i click the down arrow and nothing happens when i click INFO.. also, if i click on somehting underneath the first category, i get a "selections above first"


    Hi Lindsay. I haven't been ignoring you. If you have a look at the demo site now you'll see that I have changed it for the way I think you need it to work. If you look on the admin side you'll see that all the builder categories point to the same osCommerce category (pictures). I have also changed the options for no dependence.


    Getting to your questions (this and your previous posts):


    The builder can build in two different ways - singles or bundles. The old PC Pro Creator only did it in bundles - i.e. simply dumping all the components into the cart. For your needs this was totally useless because by the time the components got to the cart they lost their 'builder category identity' so you would have no idea which product went where. The cool thing about the single builds is that the builder category id follows the component because it's an attribute, so you know exactly which goes where and also, being single products it doesn't matter how many builds you throw into the cart - they are self contained products.


    The builder categories are 'component containers' - each builder category can only point to one osCommerce product category, all products within that product category (including subcategories) will be made available as components, for that particular builder category. Builder categories are totally flexible, they can (if you wish) all point to the same category or subcategories within each others main categories.


    Visitors using the builder are presented with the list of builder categories (component containers) you have defined and these are basically a list of options that make up the final built product. Each builder category will be limited to the products in the osC product category you have pointed it to, the visitor can only choose one component in each builder category.


    The FireFox issue is more noticeable in the admin dependence editor (which you will not need anyway). I am not aware of any other FF issues, but I will make sure I have the latest version.


    'Selections above first' means the you have priority building on - you'll need to go to admin (builder options) and select 'No' for Enforce 'top-to-bottom' Priority Building and do the same for the Auto-Clear list too (two options further down).


    I hope this helps. The options may seem complicated but it's purely for the sake of flexibility. I doubt there will be many people who use all the options.

  16. Hi, nice contrib.


    I have installed it on my test site. The builder keeps forwarding me back to my index page after i have clicked "add to cart". It won't show in my shopping cart.

    Is there a problem with my sql db?


    Thanks , really hoping to use it succesfully on my site.


    Hi. This is odd, a few people have reported this. Do you have an address so I can have a look.

  17. Hi Mike


    Thanks for the reply, I've only got a live shop to play around with, so I've had to tread carefully with this, but I think this is going to warrant me setting up a test version locally to get to grips with it.

    I like the idea of the "Hide and Unhide Categories" sounds like a good solution for the problem if a little long winded to implement, but I have plenty of time... :)


    I Checked the currency, and all appears to be right, (Plus it works correctly for everything else..), I'll admit to having created it myself, as GBP wasn't in there to start with...

    The decimal point is in the settings, and I have this when I check in admin.


    Currency Code Value

    UK Pound (default) GBP 1.00000000


    Hope this helps. (BTW this is the only currency)

    I think with a bit of fiddling I should be able to get it doing what I want.

    Am I right in thinking it puts the built item into the users cart, or does it create a new product that the customer then has to add to their cart? The former would be preferable... (At the moment it seem to do neither, but thats probably me...)






    I was playing around with it this morning. I had to set the decimal point, and also the number of decimal places to 2 - then it worked perfectly.


    The builder can operate in two modes; building a single product, or building a bundle. A single product build creates a new product in your catalog - when the visitor clicks 'Build Product' it will create the product and then show a preview of it, the visitor must then click 'Add to Cart' (exactly the way osCommerce does it when a product has attributes). You can set the builder to add to the cart automatically but I don't like the way this has been coded, it's only 99.9% reliable. In bundle mode the 'Build Product' button changes to 'Add to Cart', when the visitor clicks this the component products are simply added to the cart - individually (as a bundle). There is a problem with this though as two builds in a cart could be quite confusing - that's why I have included an option to clear the cart before dumping a bundle. (FYI: Running in bundle mode and setting the clear cart option is exactly how the old builder used to work).

  18. I installed this to test today.


    I have come across my first problem.


    In the options I cant get the OSC Category for Built product to save the correct category. It keeps defaulting back to my assembly Fees.


    Any Ideas?






    I noticed this too. It's not serious - the category you are choosing is being saved peoperly, it's just not being reloaded and displayed correctly (you're probably running RC2a). Here is the fix for this:


    ##### Edit /catalog/admin/builder_options.php


    ## FIND:


    <?php echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('cpb_build_osccat', tep_get_category_tree(0, '', '0', '', false));?>




    <?php echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('cpb_build_osccat', tep_get_category_tree(0, '', '0', '', false), $cpb_build_osccat);?>


    ##### Done!

  19. Hi,


    I've installed this and had a good fiddle around with the settings etc.

    A few questions have sprung up. I would like to use this for a custom clothing store, and my idea was to be able to select different parts of an item and have the whole created for you.


    However, the separate parts wouldn't be something you would sell in the shop, as I see it, i need to create categories for each part, so would need a category for sleeves and a separate one for necklines? Is there a way of hiding these categories from the public? Best I can do is to hide the products within that category


    Is there a way of setting the software so if someone selects a type of collar that wouldn't fit a type of neckline they wouldn't be able to select it?


    The Dependencies screen is currently showing every product in the shop, but really would only be needed for these specific items, is there way of "switching off" the products hat have nothing to do with the Product Builder?


    The Cost also appears to be missing the decimal point, if an item is £5.00 (GBP) it appears as £500 !!


    This looks like it's going to be a really useful piece of software and I can see real possibilities for it.


    Well done for getting it this far, really impressive!






    Hi Mat,


    Something I meant to include in the installation instructions... I would recommend installing a contrib like 'Hide and Unhide Categories' - a very simple mod but quite a mission really because you need to modify every php file that touches the products file, if you exclude the builder php files in this mod then only the builder will be able to see the hidden categories. Or you could tell the builder (in admin) to allow disabled products in the build (and popup!) - then you would need to disable all your component products - the builder would see them but the catalog wouldn't. I'm not sure how well this would work because I really haven't tested it like that, but I have provided the controls for this purpose. It would be much simpler if it worked at category level though, i.e. first suggestion.


    The neckline story.. that's what the dependence is for, but if you wanted the builder to have, let's say, parameters that it could intelligently select the right options then that's way beyond this one. In fact when I started out with this contrib I had to decide whether to use 'parametric dependence' or 'pre-defined dependence'. The latter was a much easier development path but the former would have made this a truly awesome contrib.


    Just a quick note about dependency. The builder categories screen in admin has a 'Dependence Category' field or each builder category - this tells the builder which category it is dependent on. That's not enough to limit the choices though, you need to get into the 'Dependency editor' to define the individual product/component relationships. When you're in the dependency editor the products at the top represent the visitors current (selected) choice for a previous category, the products down the left represent the options that are available for the current category. I hope this makes sense.


    If the dependency editor is showing every product in your catalog then please make sure you have selected an osCommerce product category for each of your builder component categories, out of the box these are not set so you need to change them (even if they appear correct) - then make sure you hit the 'update' button. On a sidenote.. I kicked myself for not mentioning the update button anywhere in step 14 (install doc).


    If the pricing is screwy then please make sure your currency has a decimal point defined - I'm sure it has but I'm hoping it hasn't - I admit I messed a bit with this just before release - I'm sure I tested it properly. I'll check again.


    Thanks.. compliments appreciated!