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  1. I have posted a small upgrade in the downloads - version 1.1.1. (upgrade/fixes)


    This is an urgent update as it addresses some issues with the builder not totalling up which was caused by incorrect handling the decimal point and decimal places.

    Also, prioritization of stripping and rebuilding currency formats now allows the thousands point separator and decimal point separator to be identical.


    Included with the upgrade is a consolidation of all the forum-posted-fixes (here) since version 1.1.0 was released (SEO URLs issue excluded).

  2. Hi,

    My problem is when you choose the products, does not display the total price at the bottom of builder_main.php and not running "add to cart" or "print" (error: "Please add some components first")

    I thought I'd nailed this one good and solid but it seems that using anything other than a comma for the thousands separator stops the builder from totalling up. I'll be back.

  3. What I was proposing is a way that what ever anyone wanted to do, they could write the code and hook into the builder.

    I was not specifically addressing the the requirement but a general overview.

    Nor was I specifically putting the responsibility on you, Mike.

    From the responses it looks like I did not communicate sufficiently to get the concept accross.

    once I have it running on my machine I will share the code and you can decide it you want it part of the builder.


    Excellent, thank you.

  4. Sorry my mistake. What is actually happening is i am losing the session id and whenever i press "Build Product" it creates a new session id and thats why my contents from the cart are being removed. I think it might have something to do with Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1d UPDATED - 07-11-2008 (just a wild guess). Will test on this further tommorrow. Can you think of something as to why the session id might be getting refreshed?


    Appreciate all your help.


    Edit: I am still running latest xampp, rc2a and register globals is off.

    I was worried about SEO contribs before I fixed the 'return to index page' issue, but not anymore - I wouldn't rule SEO out though.


    If you've done a print preview you'll probably notice that it'll also generate a new osCsid.


    Try these changes:


    WARNING!! (to other members) - DO NOT APPLY THESE CHANGES UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO FIX EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM - If your builder is working perfectly then these changes will break that.


    ##### Edit /catalog/includes/modules/builder_main.php


    ## FIND:


    var urltemp="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, 'action=add_products');?>";




    var urltemp="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, 'action=add_products','NONSSL',false);?>";


    ## FIND:


    form.action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER_PRINT_PREVIEW);?>";




    form.action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER_PRINT_PREVIEW, '', 'NONSSL',false);?>";


    ## FIND:


    form.action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER);?>";




    form.action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, '', 'NONSSL',false);?>";


    ##### Edit /catalog/builder_main.php


    ## FIND:


    tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $products_id));




    tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $products_id, 'NONSSL', false));


    ## FIND: (NB: If you haven't installed 1.1.0 yet then remove this from the following lines: , enctype="multipart/form-data" )


    <td width="100%" valign="top"><?php echo tep_draw_form('mainform', tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=add_products'), 'post', 'enctype="multipart/form-data"');?><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">




    <td width="100%" valign="top"><?php echo tep_draw_form('mainform', tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action'), 'NONSSL', false) . 'action=add_products'), 'post', 'enctype="multipart/form-data"');?><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


    ## Done!


    I've blanket-bombed it. Please make sure you've got a backup.

  5. some of the product images might look a bit odd if there has to be a bit of spacing to allow everything to slot together, what might work is to have 2 pics per item, one for the main pic, and one for the "print preview"pic?

    Sorry Mat, the penny has just dropped... yes you're quite right, the product images themselves would look pretty odd.

  6. Is it perhaps the PHP / MySQL version? I'm using PHP 5.2.3, Apache 2.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.45.

    I doubt it, still looking into this though.


    Did you have any trouble with the installation?


    At some stage we did run into problems with the post_vars in php5 and this was the type of trouble it was causing. You might find that version 1.1.0 works fine, if not then let me know.

  7. This is wonderful now and it works great. Appreciate it.


    I just noticed one thing. If you have items in the cart and you go ahead to select products and then click on "Build Product" then all the items that were in the cart get removed even though the session id is still the same. Could you test this and let me know if you get the same problem please?



    Okay, I've tested it and everything seems to be working fine with the cart. You don't maybe have the builder in 'bundle' mode? If so then have a look in the builder options for 'Bundled Mode: Clear cart Before Carting' and make sure it's set to No.


    If not then we have a genuine problem albeit isolated. I assume you're still running the latest xampp (P5/M5) and RC2a, with register globals off?, have you tried this with other browsers?, and have you got any other contribs installed that would affect the shopping cart and/or checkout processes?

  8. 1. .... some of the product images might look a bit odd if there has to be a bit of spacing to allow everything to slot together.

    2. .... Taking the decimal point out of the thousands setting has fixed the error, though technically this is a bit of a "fix" rather than repair the issue .

    1. If you had a css type background colour or image set (eg. background:#xxxxxx; or background-image: <imagefile>;) for the area that you're displaying the overall image then the background should come through the transparencies - you would want something contrasting though, like a grey with thin yellow lines running through it - a solid colour would be confusing. My curiosity is killing me so I'm gonna be playing around with this sometime today.


    2. I see that your thousands point separator is a period (.) - shouldn't it be a comma (,) instead? The builder relies on the fact that the thousands separator is different to the decimal point, so if you're using a period for thousands then using a comma for the decimal would work properly - if you made them both commas then I think it'll cause the same trouble.

  9. I've installed the upgrade, all went well, nice and easy however unfortunately the prices are still a bit out!

    I've attached an image below to show what happens, as it's probably much easier


    As you can see the total is still wrong, but this time it's just a decimal place in the wrong place!

    This error also happens on the print preview. Once the item is added to the cart the price is correct again!


    Also, a little request for a little help, as you can see I have pics for each part of the dress, (these are just temporary ones!)

    How hard would it be to combine all the separate parts into one big picture to give an overall impression of the finished article in the "print preview" page?

    I'm not asking for you to write this! Just a few pointers!!!

    Hi Mat - thanks!. Okay now I see - I'll look into this a bit later. BTW, that extra decimal point should be a thousands separator symbol, is your currency setup for one? It's not a criteria I'm just curious.


    An 'overall image' in the print preview would be quite easy if all your product/component images were GIF or PNG - they would be special images and they would take you a bit of time to produce (in something like PhotoShop). Using the GIF/PNG transparency feature you can erase certain parts of the image, so for the t-shirt 'body' images you would erase the sleeves (maybe leave just an outline), and for the 'sleeves' images erase the body area. When you lay any sleeve image over a body image (or vica versa) the image you will see is a complete t-shirt. Then in builder_print_preview.php (and even builder_product_info.php) you would create a place to display the 'overall image', it would then be a trick of getting the component images to display ontop of each other in the 'overall image' location. I dunno if the 'trick' is easy though, I've never tried it before.


    I might not write it for you but I will certainly consider implementing something like this at some stage - it just makes the contrib more awesome.

  10. I received an error when updating to create the databases:


    1067 - Invalid default value for 'catalog_products_id'


    ALTER TABLE products_options_values ADD COLUMN `catalog_products_id` int(11) NULL default 'NULL'


    [TEP STOP]

    I found something, try this...


    BUGFIX - MySQL legality issue - fix error when creating tables for first time


    Edit /catalog/admin/builder_options.php


    ## FIND:


    tep_db_query("ALTER TABLE " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES . " ADD COLUMN `catalog_products_id` int(11) NULL");




    tep_db_query("ALTER TABLE " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES . " ADD COLUMN `catalog_products_id` int(11) DEFAULT NULL");


    ## Done!

  11. Is there nobody that can help me please?

    Hi. Up until now the builder has been using a modified add_product 'switch' (in application_top.php as you mentioned), in the new version 1.1.0 the original add_product switch has been restored and the builder now uses it's own, add_build.


    If you've tried the builder in Bundle mode and it works properly then 1.1.0 should sort the problem out.

  12. Thank you for this insight. I installed Seperate Pricing Per Customer and that changes the query so i copied it same and it works.


    Now the question i have is if a product has attributes how can you chooses what attribute of the product you want to add to custom build?

    Spot on.. SPPC installs do have this affect on the builder. In future there will be a release for SPPC mainly because I need it to be that way, but not now, that's a hectic mod.


    As for attributes, well, support for that will be coming much sooner. At the moment I think the builder takes the default attribute, ie. the first one that shows up if you're viewing it in the product_info page.

  13. I tried this, but without success.

    The problem is not the tax amount, but the additional text wich is coming out with contribution "tax_info".

    The "tax_info" contrib modifies the display_price function in /catalog/includes/classes/currencies.php, the builder uses this function too.


    There are two ways around this - create a new class function, oh maybe builder_price or something - get a copy of the original (osC) display_price function and paste that somewhere in the currencies.php file, remember to rename the function. Then search all the builder php files for '$currencies->display_price' and replace them with '$currencies->builder_price'.


    I had a look at the tax_info contrib history and saw that there have been various fixes for files that were forgotten - like product_listing.php for example. I'm sure the changes involved would be similar - you would then need to modify the builder files wherever they use the display_price function in a similar way so that they incorporate the tax_info contrib - and I think this is what you want/need.


    If you still have problems let me know which tax_info contrib you've got; 19-Jul-08 Tax info 1.0 or 14-May-05 tax_info1.3 contrieb for SPPC

  14. Hey Mike, and All!


    Wondering if anyone else does not get the correct weight when in single mode, and more than one of an individual component is added in builder_main.php.


    I'm just getting the weight for one, no matter the quqntity added in builder_main.php, when I reach the checkout_shipping.php file.


    Thanks in advance for any input!





    Well spotted!


    BUGFIX - Component total weight when using quantity > 1


    Edit /catalog/builder_main.php


    ## FIND:


    $products_weight = $products_weight + $products['products_weight'];




    $products_weight = $products_weight + ($products['products_weight'] * $components_quantity[$i]);


    ## Done!

  15. That is a good enough description.

    this way others can write the services that would used by the builder for the type of buider they want.

    the PHP file would have the init, add, delete, update, retrieve methods.

    Just have to add the hook into the builder code to read the table.

    this leave the basic builder code unchanged.

    Then the person using the website can add which ever of the services want to offer.


    The enterprise software I work with operates this way.

    Thought could bring it to here.


    I'm replying to all the posts leading up to this one.


    So basically what we're looking at then is a custom product creator which ties/integrates into this builder. Allowing customers to define their own products with uploadable/configurable attributes and then using those products in the builder to assemble them (in the right order, etc...). And obviously affording the customer some sort of privacy at the same time, ie. the ability to hide 'their' products from other visitors, and a bunch of things I haven't mentioned.


    Well, anything's possible. Give me a big stick and enough time and I'll change the world.

  16. WOW.. seems like this is coming a LONG way!


    One thing that i would REALLY like to see, for my application of building calenders..


    Basically, we do separate photo shoots for each person, so this custom product builder will need to have different products for each customer. So say my customer that we did a puppy photo shoot came and wanted a calender, i would LIKE for her to be able to choose her "gallery" (which is a category) from a drop down at the begining, and THEN that would populate all of the option (the months of the year) with all of the products placed in her "gallery" (or category)


    This way, the customer will basically be populating the builder themselves with their own products BEFORE even starting the build.


    Obviously this would not work for computers, but would be AWESOME for people who do things like calenders, photo books, and other customized items


    I like your suggestions Lindsay, by the next release I think these will be a reality. I'll PM you for the finer details when I get going on this.

  17. Just a quick note to say that I have just released version 1.1.0 which sorts out a lot of old ossues and introduces some new goodies.


    The package contains instructions for both NEW INSTALLS and UPGRADES (from version 1.0.x).


    What's New:


    Addition of five new builder options. (yeehaa!!)

    Visitor-uploadable build image.

    Minimum components per build control.

    Currency formatting revised - complete redesign.

    Pricing issues revisited - rounding problems found and fixed - unstable only at 4th decimal place by .0001 cents.

    Form data saving/reloading on errors (and now opens the door for planned rebuild functionality - cool!!).

    Error trapping enhanced - highlights the component selections that have errors.

    Autoclear function now resets component count too (bugfix).

    Built products 'hide' feature added.

    Direct to cart for single builds has been redesigned and now working 100%.

    Builder fully honors the store's config setting: 'display cart after adding product'.

    Addition of a dedicated component viewer (builder_component_info.php) - just another rip of product_info.php.


    Gotta go now - I'll be back later to catchup on PMs and Forum posts.

    Apologies for my absence! - this thing has kept me quite busy.

  18. I haven't been keeping up to date with the forums but I'll be back soon. Just a quick update to let you all know that I have been working on some new features for this contrib, they're 99% done just tieing up some loose ends.


    New functionality:

    Visitor-uploadable product image.

    Minimum components allowed before "building".

    Currency formatting revised - I haven't been able to break it yet.

    Form data reloading - this is a cool step towards future rebuild functionality but for now it's being used to save and reload the page incase of build-processing errors (component shortage, etc).


    Just a few more days...

  19. I just figured out, that this problem has something to do with tax_info. If I disable tax_info in configuration, it works.

    Probably it is a problem with the links in Java.

    But I cannot find out, where I have to do the changes, so that at the list only products_price without tax_info are showing.

    Okay, I should've read right to the end of the forum before answering any.


    You can disable the component tax in the builder options, 5th one from the top, change that to NO.


    This is part of the 'pricing issue' I mentioned earlier - I'm working on that at the moment.

  20. Hello,

    I had installed PC Builder, and checked all changes some times. Because I had some problems with the product-list, I deinstalled it and built in the Custom Product Builder. But with this I have the same problem with it:

    In admin, builder options, look under the heading Popup Components List and change Display Short description to NO. Now check the builder again to see if you get the same problem - if not then there might be some strange characters in your product description. You can try adjusting the length of the short description, or try to identify which character it is (eg. apostrophes, etc..) and then let me know.


    It's not SPPC - I have that too. Although the builder doesn't use the SPPC pricing it doesn't fiddle with them either.


    Is it possible to have a minimum qty to order and a MUST to fill in all fields include assembling?

    These options will be made available as soon as the most critical problems have been fixed; ie. index redirect, pricing, and image thumbnails.

  21. I think this might fix the 'return to index page' issue.... I'm not sure but I'm hoping.


    I tested it by going directly to the builder (builder_main.php) making sure there was no osCsid. It worked fine for me in IE, FF and Opera.


    So definitely try this; Edit /catalog/includes/modules/builder_main.php


    ## Find: (line 285)


    var urltemp="<?php echo FILENAME_BUILDER;?>?action=add_products";



    ## Replace with:


    var urltemp="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_BUILDER, 'action=add_products');?>";



    ## Find: (line 314)


    urltemp+="<?php echo '&osCsid=' . $_GET['osCsid'];?>";



    ## Replace with:




    #### Done!

  22. I noticed a strange thing:


    The builder is fully working only when the link to the builder, on your index, has the osCid infos in the link (is that session id ?)


    for example, when your mouse is over the link to the builder:

    catalog/builder_main.php won't work --> Return to index

    catalog/builder_main.php?osCsid=645f382713b2d176ad58c13103165db6 will work --> get in cart


    As I don't plan to let my customer build machines with this contribution, only by me, it is not a problem for me.

    Cool, I've managed to duplicate this too. But I'm just wondering how osC would lose the session id like that. It falls over nicely when you go direct to the builder, i.e. <yoursite>/builder_main.php (there is no osCid) and it goes back to index. But then if you click the 'product builder' link from the index page it should have an osCid and it should work fine. I'm going to take it as that and make it work regardless of osCid - that should fix it.


    I would imagine then that contributions that hide the osCid or modify the URL (for SEO) would cause problems with the builder.

  23. This seems like exactly what I was looking for! However a small suggestion: Can you add a field for image upload aswell?


    What I'm trying to do is to create custom items, allowing the customers to upload their pictures aswell on the design. For the design, I can add that as products and make it selectable, but for the photo's, I would typically need to ask them to email the picture or find another way. Having this integreated would be really useful! Great contribution you got here!


    Thanks advoor. This feature has been requested by a few and will be available soon.

  24. Hi Mike,


    Have you managed to take a look at the code to determine the cause of this issue?

    Now it's been determined that if you have an OSCID it works but without it doesn't I was hoping it might have helped solve the issue?

    Also any luck with the currency/pricing issue too? You said you didn't like the code and were going to rewrite it...


    Not nagging/pushing etc, just would hate to see a great contribution die due to not being able to get it working.... :)






    Hey Mat, yeah I think you guys might be onto something here. Just getting back into it now. Pricing issues will be sorted out soon - I started on it when we last chatted but haven't done anything since.

  25. Finally, I searched and found myself how to integrate the links to the components in the component list, when the build is done (single build mode). Here is how the modifications if somenone is interested:

    Please, should the author of the contribution validate my code because i am far far far away from a programmer.


    Nice, sorry I wasn't around to help. Looks okay to me - it works!


    The last edit was a bit confusing - until I understood what you were trying to say in the (repeated) EDIT:... message about tags and java-script.