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  1. AngelSpeedy

    PC Pro Creator

    Hi guys one question, i use the the Pc Pro Creator 2.5.6, but i want to expand in width the popup window when we made the selection of products, i already found the length number, but i dont find the width number.. Anyone Knows ? The other issue is, i have 3 subcategories in Intel menu, and only appear the AMD products where i have only one subcategorie, but the Intel is minimize and i cant open because i have 3 subcategories.. Any solution for this ?? Link Contrib : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3282 Tks..
  2. AngelSpeedy

    CTT Tracking Order

    Hi friends, i have the infobox for CTT in PT, but they change the link, and i already insert the new link but when i make the search in my site he goes to another page to put again the tracking number, and what i need is, when i insert the tracking number in my site, he make the direct search. Someone knows how to make this work ? I already make some changes but no sucess to make the direct search.. This is the correct link in 2011 : </script><form method="POST" action="http://www.ctt.pt/feapl_2/app/open/objectSearch/ctt_feapl_132col-cttObjectSearch.jspx?seccao=4&subseccao=8&idioma_id=1&local_id1=423&local_id2=426&p_lang=PT&p_emp=CTT&myaction=validate" name="traking" target="_blank" class="stylesheet"> PT : Boas amigos, eu tenho o novo link para esta infobox, mas quando fazemos um search no site ele vai para uma nova página e temos de fazer o search lá, alguém sabe como fazer o search logo directo no site ? Está-me a escapar qualquer coisa, já tentei de várias formas só que ainda não consegui. Se alguém souber insira aqui o update ok. Tks..