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  1. Hi, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,824 I installed the above contribution and everything seems to work fine, but I find it strange that the only bot listed in this file is "Googlebot"; why aren't more bots listed like Yahoo, MSN, TheFind, etc... Because I then notice other bots that craw my site end up having sessions, and I would rather them be listed the same way "Googlebot" is. How could I add these other bots to the list this way they show properly as a bot on the "who's online" page? Thank you, olimits7
  2. olimits7

    Faq Desk

    Hi, Can this FAQDesk contribution put FAQ questions into different groups/sections? What I mean by this; is I would like to split my FAQ questions into a "Shipping", "Returns", "Order Status", etc... groups/sections. Thank you, olimits7
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a Verified By Visa / MasterCard SecureCode contribution available?? Thank you, olimits7
  4. olimits7

    EDI Contribution?

    By EDI, I mean having the ability to send my customer's orders directly to my suppliers using the EDI document format. Then orders would be fulfilled by my suppliers instead of doing them in house. EDI Information Thank you, olimits7
  5. olimits7

    EDI Contribution?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is an EDI (electronic data interchange) contribution available for osCommerce? Or if there isn't an EDI contribution, can someone recommend some good EDI services that could integrate with osCommerce? Thank you, olimits7
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install this MaxMind contribution, and I'm currently on step 6, but I can't seem to find the following line code in my "checkout_process.php" file. I even tried downloading a new copy of osCommerce and doing a search in a new "checkout_process.php" file but it still doesn't come up. if (tep_not_null($sql_data_array['customers_id'])) { Can someone help please point out where I can add the following code the install is asking me to add on the "checkout_process.php" page? require(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'maxmind/maxmind.php'); Thank you, olimits7
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of a good osCommerce contribution that will allow me to list my products on eBay?? Thank you, Bernardo
  8. Hi, I was wondering, does anyone know if there is a "dropship" contribution available? I'm looking for a contribution that will let me integrate dropshipping right within the osCommerce shopping cart. Thank you, olimits7
  9. Hi, I want to install one of the B2B contributions that I found for osCommerce, but I don't know which one would be better to use. For the people who have installed these B2B contributions; which one do you like better?? B2BSUITE OR TotalB2B ?? Thank you, olimits7
  10. olimits7

    Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance)

  11. olimits7

    Best way to credit a users account?

    I would then have to create a different coupon for each customer each time I need to credit their account with money. I don't think using a coupon would be good for this. For example, credit customer $2.34 for shipping charges; which then they can use on future orders. I'm looking for something similar to a pre-paid account; so customer can use their existing credit account amount on future orders. olimits7
  12. olimits7

    Best way to credit a users account?

    Hi, I'm looking for the same contribution you are. The only contribution I found that was close to this is: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6324 However, it does not do everything that I need it to. Anybody, have any other recommendations?? olimits7
  13. olimits7


    Actually, that won't work there is no "Award Points For Shopping" True/False setting for this... Any, other suggestions?? Thanks, olimits7
  14. olimits7


    Hi Cofran, Thanks; I'll give that a try I didn't think of making everything false for points. ;-) Good Idea!!
  15. olimits7


    Hi, If I sent "Enable Point system" to FALSE, and have "Enable Redemptions system" set to TRUE shouldn't customers that have points still be allowed to use them?? I noticed when I'm using the settings above during the checkout process it no longer shows the points redemption section to allow points to be used and under my account the points section is no longer listed. Does anyone know how I can fix this, or if there is an update that fixes this issue already?? Don't you think that the redemption system shoul still work for customers that have points?? I think it should still work because let's say I want to stop using the point system, but I don't want my current customers to get angry for taking their points away!! Thank you, olimits7