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  1. mickinoz

    Paymate Support Thread

    David, I want the customer to be able to edit the amount they pay at paymate. That's simple enough by changing the amt_editable setting in the paymate module. I can edit the order, etc, but by then the customer has already been sent an email by oscommerce confirming they have paid the unedited amount whereas they have actually paid a different amount. This is bound to confuse both me and the customer. I need to feed the amount returned by paymate back into the order before the email is sent. Thanks for the test info. mickinoz.
  2. mickinoz

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hello David. It's great to see paymate providing support. I want to make the payable amount editable. I can do this but the order is recorded using the unedited amount. Does anyone have a fix for this? Is there a dummy paymate account I can use to test my own attempts at a fix? Regards, mickinoz.