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  1. Hi KGT, just wanted to say thanks for a great contribution and support.
  2. Great contribution Eric, thanks. :D Just one thing that I have found though, when I add smileys to an email they cannot be viewed by the recipient, any ideas how to fix this. Paul.
  3. roseco

    google checkout

    Is anyone out there considering designing a contribution to integrate osc with the new google checkout system? Something along the lines of the paypal IPN would be great!! Thanks.
  4. I have installed this great contribution - thanks Mr. Absinth - but it seems to be giving me inaccurate reports. I had one sale, which did not come via a PPC ad and the stats show two orders for a value of ?100. Even if I allow for incompleted sales which have been abandoned during checkout I still cannot come up with two sales that add up to this amount. Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Paul.
  5. Hi again, One more question, I am trying to use PPC reporting and have set up the code as follows (this is the default setup in fact): $ppc = array ('googlead' => array ('title' => 'Google Adwords', 'keywords' => 'shortcode1:friendlyterm1,shortcode1:friendlyterm2')); define ('SUPERTRACKER_USE_PPC', true); I have set the referral link to www.mydomain.com/index.php/?ref=googlead but even if I type this in manually to the browser it does not register as a referral in the admin report for PPC, nor if I click on one of my ads on google. I know this type of problem has been addressed in earlier posts but I cannot see a solution to this exact one. Please help! Thanks, Paul.
  6. Apologies, I misunderstood the instructions and didn't spot the Step 5 break, that's what happens with late night coding!!
  7. Just one question, why is there never any information in the landing page section on the last ten visitors report? Thanks.
  8. I have just installed this amazing contribution but came across a problem: I followed the instructions for a new install and it doesn't tell you to download the GeoIP.dat file and upload it to catalog/includes.... This instruction is only in the CRE loaded section. Anyway, hope this may help others avoid the stres of their store crashing. Thanks again Mark et al. Paul
  9. roseco

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Hi, Great contribution thanks and working perfectly except that in the customers page of admin I get the following at the top of the table: td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right">Referred By Also in customers/referrals I get the following heading: HEADING_TITLE And the table headings are "TABLE_HEADING_REFERRALS" and "TABLE_HEADING_ACTION " Any ideas on how to fix this, I have hunted through the code and can't find it, but then I am a relative newby. Any help much appreciated. Paul.
  10. Hi, I want to instal this system but was just wondering if it will work with paypal IPN as we do not get any of the credit card details back from them once the payment has been processed. Thanks.