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  1. docprego

    [Contribution] Admin Specials by Category

    This contribution works great for me but I have one problem. None of the specials prices end up being listed for my items on Google products, only the original price shows. How can I fix this so that all my specials that this contribution creates are shown on Google products with the correct special prices? I also use the googlefeeder to create my feed for Google products, could this be the problem? I have been using this contribution for more than a year but it was designed for Froogle which is no longer around. It seems to work fine still but perhaps this is the issue? Should I be using a different contribution to create my Google products feed? I am thinking the problem has something to do with this contribution setting an expiration date of 0 on all my specials? Thanks.
  2. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    This is a fix I have been looking forward to. Unfortunately it does not work for me. I put an item on special with no expiration date at $19.99, the original price was $24.99. $24.99 is the price that shows up in my Froogle feed file. What could be the problem?
  3. docprego

    PayPal Redirect

    There is another solution. Install the Better Paypal Description contribution. This will forward the product description to PayPal. In doing so what was ordered will be contained within PayPals' notification of payment e-mail in the item/product title section and also in the record for the sale on their site. This has saved me countless times.
  4. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I uploaded my feed 2 days ago and it looks perfectly fine to me. Froogle reports the following: Number of items processed: 371 Number of items succeeded: 371 Number of active items: 371 Yet I am missing 19 items from these 371, they do not appear on Froogle. Only 352 items are actually listed on Froogle. This has always been my problem, usually 18 don't appear but now it is 19. I checked each of the usual 18 and they all look fine in the feed, there is no obvious reason for this issue. Does anyone have a solution or explanation? Thank you.
  5. docprego

    edgeoi feed error

    I solved my problem. It seems that if the image link included a ampersand then I got an error about the image URL being formed poorly. Since I only had 2 products with that situation I renamed them without ampersands and now everything is great. Another question: Which fields MUST I include in the feed to be listed on Froogle? Thank you.
  6. docprego

    edgeoi feed error

    I am having the same issue. I have everything else worked out but the image URLs are hosed so I have not uploaded the feed it generates knowing I would have no images. I found the line causing the problem in rss_edgeio.php and it is this line: $output.=' <g:image_link>'.urlencode($imageUrl . $row['products_image']) .'</g:image_link>'."\n"; The urlencode part there is what is doing that and simply removing that does not solve the problem. Yes the URLs for images then look normal but the script errors out before finsihing the generation of the entire feed if I set the limit above 10 items. I don't really understand what is going on but would love to see the image URL issue resolved. Has anyone resolved this and how? Thanks.
  7. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I am having a heck of a time with the new google base upload feature. My previous feed was working fine by uploading it from the old merchant center with the exception of 18 items which never appeared on Froogle. Now that same feed returns 120 errors out of 379 products. The errors are all: "An invalid encoding was specified for the bulk upload file" The only way around this I have found is to save it using the ms-dos text option in Excel as another poster mentioned above. There are a few problems with this though: 1-Some errors are still returned, I am getting about 3 errors out of 380 now. 2-The ms-dos text option in excel converts some characters to question marks so I have to manually change them back to the original characters before uploading the feed to google base. The wired thing is that my original 16 items that did not work still do not show up on Froogle even though my feed only reports 3 errors and I know for a fact none of the items with an error are among these 16. Isn't there an easier way to prepare the feed for Froogle without all of this manual editing?
  8. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    FlyingMonkey: Froogle Merchant Center reports 325 for all of the following: # of items processed # of items succeeded # of active items But only 307 actually appear on Froogle. There are no errors anywhere. Since that post I have added new products and uploaded a new feed to froogle. Now Froogle lists all 3 of those item data counts above as 350 which is accurate. But once again only 332 show up on Froogle, which is 18 less. Same exact amount as last time! None of the new products I added are among the missing. I do not know for certain if the items missing this time are the same as last time ( I suspect they are), I only know that the new ones all made it on to Froogle just fine. I painstakingly figured out which 18 are missing and checked them, there is nothing unusual in the feed about these products at all. I cannot see any reason why they are not listed.
  9. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I cannot find any reason why 18 producst are missing. I figured out what 6 of the missing products were and they have exactly the same data in my Froogle feed as others that are listed successfully on Froogle.
  10. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Well now I am seeing 307 out of 325 listed on Froogle. I can't understand why the last 18 are missing, but I am happy that most are showing up. On my first upload 311 out of 329 showed up. So that time 18 were also missing, interesting. I think I'll track down the missing products and see what they have in common. There must be a reason for 18 to be missing both times.
  11. docprego

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have had no technical issues with this contribution at all. My 1st feed which I uploaded using their upload page in the member center was received fine with no errors. At that time I had 329 products on my site. 311 showed up in Froogle. Since then I have re-uploaded my feed because my inventory has changed. Now I have 325 products on my site but only 235 will show up on Froogle. There is no rhyme or reason to it. For example I have 5 products that are all the same name, they are distinguished by a letter from a through e after the product title. They look like this: Product Name a Product Name b Product Name c Product Name d Product Name e Products c and e are missing. I was thinking maybe Froogle consideres them duplicates but then why are a, b, and d showing up? What could be the problem? I checked the feed and to me it looks fine. Thank you.
  12. Surfalot I have an interesting one for you. Recently all but my home page has been de-indexed from Google. I posted on a few search engine forums without much success. Today I got an e-mail from someone trying to help suggesting that it is an over use of title and alt tags on my images that may be the problem and causing me to be penalized and consequently de-indexed. Here is a sample piece of my code: <td align="center" class="smallText" width="33%" valign="top"><a href="http://www.playitagaingames.com/product_info.php?products_id=346"><img src="images/Teamsofenemies1.JPG" border="0" alt="Teams Of Enemies" title=" Teams Of Enemies " width="100" height="80" class=imageborder></a><br><a href="http://www.playitagaingames.com/product_info.php?products_id=346">Teams Of Enemies</a><br>$24.99</td> He went on to say that googlebot/mozillabot is going to see this as two identical links to "Teams of Enemies" in a row along with another title text of Teams of Enemies immediately following. Thats three key phrases used in a row, two of which are linked to the same page. He says I should drop the alt and title text to my images where an identical link exists directly below it or near it. And the same problem occurs on all of my category pages. Images with linked alt text, identical title text, then another identical hyperlink. Have you heard anything like this before? I am desperate to get my site back in Google and don't know where else to turn. If I want to do as he suggests is their an easy way to modify the morepics code so that it will globally afffect all of the images and fix it according to his reccomendations? Thank you.
  13. Thank you. Which of the contributions creates the text only all products page like I linked to above in the example? I would like each listed item on the all products page to be a link to that product.
  14. There are many to choose from, I am not sure which to use. I would like it to look like this: example Thanks! Mike P.S. Does anyone have a link to a live example of the all products with images contribution? This one all products with images
  15. docprego

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Update: It seems that if I clear the cookie and then add something to my cart, the shipping calculator will always highlight the cheapest option only for the type of country that I first tried. For example if I check shipping to the US zip code 60148 then it highlights the Priority Mail method which is the only one I offer, therefore the total at the bottom is accurate. it will continue to highlight the cheapest method to any zip code as long as I do not switch from the United States. BUT if I switch to any other country it shows the new international options which I offer but the cheapest is not selected. Therefore the total at the bottom does not include shipping. If I clear the cookie and the first place I check is any country other than the US then the cart will continue to highlight the cheapest shipping method to any country BUT the US. Once I select US the shipping cost comes up but is not selected, which I don't like because it's the only US method I use. Finally on some other sites I have seen using this contribution, the ship in cart box comes up with all the shipping options that they offer displayed with $0.00 as the cost. Once I put in a country the $0.00 updates to the correct amount. How are people doing this? Thanks all! Mike