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  1. ya_dood

    Shipping Modules not showing up

    is this something the host can fix on their end? i have installed oscommerce 9 times now and the modules section still says the same as all of you had. I'm running php 4.4.4 -very frustrated
  2. ya_dood

    Affiliate Contrib

    Hi, is there a way to make someone go to /landing_page.php instead of say /product_info.php?products_id=10 by default the contribution either makes you make the banner to go to the homepage or to a product page, but i need it to go to a landing page first. thanks
  3. ya_dood

    STS product templates

    Actually, how would I make any other page unique? Doesn't have to be a product info page. thanks
  4. ya_dood

    STS product templates

    i see another file index.php_1_9.html says it is needed to show theses custom product_info pages but I uploaded that as well and nothing changed. is there any docs I read up on about this? I uploaded sts_template.html and index.php.html and they worked. is there something in admin i have to change?
  5. ya_dood

    STS product templates

    hi, what else do i have to do besides upload product_info.php_32.html to change that product pages content? thanks
  6. ya_dood

    osCommerce Affiliate contrib

    i guess there isn't an automated way to send payments although there is a billing section...
  7. hi, i've installed it but i can't find any info on how billing/payment to affiliates works. i see the 'start billing' button but can affiliates be paid directly to their bankaccount through this contribution as they have to enter that info in when they sign up or does it all have to cut manually by regular check and send snail mail? thanks
  8. ya_dood

    Can you put HTML in PHP files?

    what a dummy, i was messing up-it's all set now. thx :lol:
  9. ya_dood

    Can you put HTML in PHP files?

    I tried adding <table> tags but it said "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect()" for the file catalog/includes/functions/database.php it worked fine with just hyperlinks and basic text. Does it all have to be on one line? I double checked on the close '); as well.
  10. I followed this article to create additonal pages such as an about us page. http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/C...g_Area/Boxes/49 It works fine on my site but I've never wrote PHP before. I see that I can add text and links to the following line: define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'My text can go here '); But how do I add tables and images that were written with HTML? Is it possible? Would I have to use CSS? I couldn't find an answer in the Knowledge base or on the Forums. Thanks
  11. Hi, How do I add other pages such as an 'About Us' blurb and still keep the persons cookies tracked. thx