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  1. Installed with some difficulties but now it's quite ok, i'm using it just to let people navigate through the catalog and check order status so it's quite good! The thing that i can't fix is the category nesting : i have a cat structure like this : TOP --Category ----Subcategory -------SUB-SUBCAT1 -------SUB-SUBCAT 2 But the menu looks like it can't go far than Category-Subcategory. It won't even display the SUB-SUBCAT Any idea? Cheers Fab
  2. Freeman

    Site Search Plus

    Yes, won't be an easy one, Here i'm in case :)
  3. Freeman

    Site Search Plus

    Thanks Jack, if i can be of any help with testing and coding gimme a shout and i'll be more than happy to collaborate I think it's not an easy task since QTY Pro is using a "proprietary" and different way to calculate stock by attribute, but you never know
  4. Freeman

    Site Search Plus

    Hi Guys, anyone is using the contribution with Qty pro and integrated to check stock x attribute? that'll be a nice feature, i'm willing to help out if someone is interested! Basically it could check attributes with stock (if using qty pro). regards
  5. Freeman

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    I fixed the "image" not being updated following Francois advice on top.I think that should be implemented as standalone into the contribution pack!
  6. Freeman

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    Hi! i noticed that these definitions are missing into includes/languages/yourlanguage/links.php -------------------------------------------------------- define('MSSUG','Suggest a new Category'); define('MSCAT','Category'); define('MSCHOSE','Select a Category'); ------------------------------------------------------- I have the same problem with Image loading appearing only in admin side, working on it :)
  7. Freeman

    [contribution] Update-o-matic

    Hi Dave, Doing fine, i had a request from an user having some problem with the contribution and decided to have a look at it on his site....it was a minor fix but a tricky one which was really easy to sort out. I'm also using on a live shop with great results, especially when you have a lot of orders to mass update. Take care Fab
  8. Freeman

    [contribution] Update-o-matic

    Updated to the last version solve this out :)
  9. Hi Ronnie,

    i need some help implementing the CKeditor for Html Newsletter, would you please tell me how did you insert the correct code?

    I'd appreciate it a lot!



  10. Hi Sam, Tx for Translating.. my english is bad but still able to read how a contrib works ;) -- Managed to fix it, i added an extra image field and forgot a " into the table array, so i'd say it's the usual Typo Error :P Cheers Fab
  11. Yup, i added that extra field but still not doing well. The strange thing is that also if there is no extra field it should check only the product_image right? mhmmhmh. Shouldn't it work like this : -Check if the filename is present in the corresponding field into db (products_image) -If found no dependancies list as unused So it should work also if i have extra field "preserving" the main prod image as a "used" one..am i right?
  12. Hi There! This looks a nice contrib. Scanning my image folder it "detects" as unused also images that are used :(( Also i've added another field called products_image_2 but this isn't considered too. Any idea? Tx Fab
  13. Hi Andreas, up...have you escaped html chars?" I used code from this page (quite standard, you can look also elsewhere!) http://www.theukwebdesigncompany.com/artic...cters.php" Marquee...not using that :)
  14. Freeman

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, inside the archive you upped there is a file called : sitemap_seo_settings_control_ALL_OPTIONS.php which should enable more controls than : sitemap_seo_settings_control.php I renamed the all_options to be used instead of the other one but it's not updating the fields.
  15. Freeman

    Sitemap SEO

    Sorry Jack.. -The files with FULL OPTION is not saving options into DB and redirect back to the box control Page -The Infopages are not working anymore----->Sorry they are working perfectly now...my bad! --- Just in case someone wants to show only manufacturers that have products linked and not all (this is my case). Just modify includes/modules/sitemap.php //mod to hide manufacturers that have no products linked $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select distinct m.manufacturers_id, m.manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " m, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p where m.manufacturers_id = p.manufacturers_id AND p.products_status > 0 order by m.manufacturers_name"); replacing original query. If you want to add to the next release i think it would be nice, it's all your work so didn't want to upload :)