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  1. I've PM'ed you mine, can you please PM me yours. Regards, JSA
  2. Ah, looks a little too complex for my php skills, is there any chance you could paste or PM me your files? Yep no issue on my install. I have 4 text boxes in my product and I tried both I'm chip and "I'm chip too" in the same order, and was able remove it from my basket without problem. Regards, JSA
  3. Hi, On my site I can not add the same product (but with different options) to the cart, it simply increments the quantity. I'm using the latest Option Type contribution on 2.2MS2. I probably haven't followed an installation step properly or the alike but I just can find it. I've drawn a blank when searching the forums so any pointers to which file I should looking into would be most appreciated. Regards, JSA
  4. JSA

    Options Input

    Have a look at Product Attributes Option I hope that it's what you are looking for. Regards, Julian
  5. Sorry, just realised you were refering to a different contrib and not for the Product Option Type one. Shame! Regards, Julian
  6. jcall, I have MS2 and am considering installing the Product Option Type v1.71 contrib. Did you ever post a follow up for this contrib? If so can you post a link here as I've searched a lot and can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance. Regards Julian
  7. JSA

    Customers extra fields

    kit, Great Contribution! I managed to follow your instructions, even though some of the php looked quite dodgy to a php-novice, and it worked first time. I'm new to OSC and Contributions, so apologies if this isn't the right place for suggestions, however I think you should update the Contribution to: - remove the errorenous <br><br> from the package - include a link back to this topic for ease and support And a couple of suggested future features (f you have the time): - example of how to include it in Invoices, etc. - extending data types Keep up the good work, it's appreciated. Regards, Julian