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  1. surroundsfx

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    well i figured out a not-so-elegant temporary solution to the customer notification-on-automated-status-change (i'm doing it *manually* now...great :-( ) BUT paypal ipn module seems to sometimes not pass on the sales tax to paypal....somewhat randomly the customer will be charged the net amount only. now this *is* a show-stopper. is this a known issue with osc or paypal? any ideas? please help, my shop is live and this is costing me real-world cash. cheers, ssfx
  2. surroundsfx

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hi everybody.... as noone replied to my earlier question, let me re-phrase it (maybe no-one liked to read such a long post? ;-) ) i'm using ms2.2 with the ipn module and download manager. the idea is to enable downloads only after the payment has been confirmed via ipn. this basically works, as long as payment isn't verified, the cutomer will see the "red link", once payment *is* verified, he can download the files. the problem i'm having is that the order-status update generated by the ipn module does not trigger a customer-notification of this status update....so either a)he'll have to keep coming back to his account to see wether he now may download his product (which isn't a very customer-friendly thing) or B) i have to manually set his order status to an even higher status like "shipping" to trigger the notification....which means the customer will have to wait for me to do that and if he's in a different time-zone that may take a while (not exactly instant graftification). i guess either i'm doing something wrong or i need to edit the paypal_ipn.php....how would i go about this? thx in advance. denis
  3. surroundsfx

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi everybody :-) i've just read this entire (loooong) thread looking for a solution to a little problem i'm having, but i didn't find one... i'm running ms2.2 with the current ipn contrib, download manager 5.3 and the email subject order number status contrib with sandbox. IF i have autoreturn deactivated in the paypal profile, the following steps execute ok: 1) on confirmation stage, an order with "preparing" status is generated, as intended without customer notification 2) upon payment, status is updated to the status selected in the ipn payment module settings (which is the status that will allow download of the purchased file, set in the download manager settings)...so ipn basically works 3)when the customer returns to the checkout success page by clicking continue, he receives an order confirmation email (with the order number in the subject) and is able to download the file (if paypal hasn't been lagging with the ipn verification, that is). Note that this happens *after* the status was set to "confirmed" by the ipn verification executing correctly. So far so good....nearly. The customer *does* receive the checkout-success confirmation email, but he *does not* get notified that the order status has been updated to "verified" status. Actually, in the order admin history, the order of things is reversed: Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 12/11/2005 20:42:14 X Confirmed PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Unverified; 1.16EUR)] 12/11/2005 20:42:22 yes Preparing status: confirmed (before ipn verification was completed, entry #1 had status "preparing") This is obviously not much of a problem when ipn lag is near-zero, as the customer will be able to immediately download his file and will probably not care much wether he gets another "status updated" notification email or not....but if the verification process takes a while, the cutomer will first see that "downloads are not available before payment is verified" and will obviously want to be notified when the verification is done and he can download his files (as he would usually be when the status of his order is updated manually). Actually i suspect that this issue may not arise at all when the ipn verification *is* laggy as it will probably usually be in a live setting ( it looks like returning to the checkout succes triggers the second entry listed above after the ipn verification set the status to confirmed, which seems to be a result of ipn verification being faster than the customer returing to the site)....but this needs to be tested before the shop can go online. Now i thought i'd be smart and just force returning to the site to happen before the ipn verification process completes by enabling auto-return in the paypal profile. This basically results in the status not being updated at all, though the comment contains "paypal ipn verified..." Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 12/11/2005 20:42:14 X Preparing PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Unverified; 1.16EUR)] 12/11/2005 20:42:22 yes Preparing status: preparing So this seems like a no-go route....argh Any ideas how i can cause a status-update notification to be sent? thx in advance, denis