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  1. Hi, After using MailBeez for a couple of years succesfully, I've just installed the Newsletter Advanced module. Unfortunatly I can't get it to work. When I'm trying to "Edit Newsletter" in Newsletter Pro Module > Campaigns >, I just get a blank screen. The URL presnted is this: http:// www. URL. se/admin/mailbeez.php?app=load_app&app_path=../mailbeez/mb_newsletter/admin_application_plugins/newsletter_items.php&module=mb_newsletter&campaign_id=1 I've tried the fix recommended in the FAQ "All popups for advanced modules are blank!" ("Please create a file e.g. “fix.php” in mailhive/common/local/fix.php"), and I've checked that I don't have "Security Pro by FWR Media" installed. But I still don't get it to work. I use MailBeez Version 2.95 on osCommerce 2.2-MS2. Any further hints what I should do? Best regards Ulf
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    Ajax Buy Now

    Ok, I didn't get it to work with Drakos code or an updated jquery, so I contacted a friend (http://vardevs.com/) who made a quick fix. He wanted to rewrite the whole code, but we settled with creating and changing ajax_sc.js to a big javascript instead. So all I needed to do was to replace ajax_sc.js. Hm, looks like there was to much code to write in a post, so I uploaded in Ajax Buy Now-archive: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4105 Hopefully it works for you too. See it working at Lilon.se
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    Ajax Buy Now

    I have solved my problem :-)
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    Ajax Buy Now

    Hi! Thanks for a nice contribute. It works well with my site except on the site where I also use the "Switch between Displaying Prices Inc./Ex. VAT" contrib. If I have an item in my cart and then try to change from Inc to Exc (or reverse) it doesn't work. You can try at: Liljankoski Online