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  1. When I enter to the Shopping Cart, it displays some products which I had not added to cart.

    Can any one help me out to solve this one out.

    Thanks in advance



  2. please i want to contact oscommerce administration/technical team because an intruder has visited my website and i cannot login and cannot see my products at the website. the website is www.uniontwo.com.

    i do hope to hear from you soon.thank you.

  3. And just a quick note. The language files for the installation script does NOT get injected. In other words, the language files in osC/install/... has to be there, if so just duplicated from the parent language. Anders
  4. Hi Nick. First, this will be the final fileformat for the admin language files. The language injection feature is automaticly triggered if the needed files are online. The needed file is: xx_XX.xml found in osC/includes/languages/. i.e. es_ES.xml is the mother file of the spanish translations and es_CL is a child of es_ES and that is configurable in the "header" of the xx_XX.xml file. I hope that shed some light for you.. Regards, Anders
  5. Anders Pamdal

    Oscommerce 3 and Wisiwig

    Hi Peter! Cool that you have that feature already in progress. Have you told Harald about that for implementation to the source or are you willing to share your implementation for the rest of us as a patch? Since it's going in there one way or another it would be cool to help out/test/bugtrace your code too. Regards, Anders
  6. Anders Pamdal


    The next step should be installing TortoiseSVN or SmartSVN and get abit of information of how SVN works (It's very easy to get started), I prefere TortoiseSVN that just recently got updated to v1.4.0 Windows 32bit version Windows 64bit version Then contact Harald or wait until he contacts you. Best of luck, Anders
  7. Anders Pamdal


    There would probably not be that many changes to the frontside files, the admin part on the other hand I guess could change abit. //Anders Pamdal
  8. Anders Pamdal


    Thats a good start. As soon as Harald reads this this I'm sure he'll put the Norwegian files online.
  9. Anders Pamdal


    I totally agree to this. Versitility and flexibility is the difference between a good and an excellent e-commerce solution... B)
  10. Anders Pamdal

    Oscommerce 3 and Wisiwig

    The latest version of TinyMCE, v2.0.6.1 looks very nice. "Latest News (RSS Feed) 2006-08-02 TinyMCE Spellchecker PHP 1.0.2 Released (Comments: 9)" and some features for anyone how doesn't know " * Easy to integrate, takes only two lines of code. * Customizable through themes and plugins. * Customizable XHTML 1.0 output. Block invalid elements and force attributes. * International language support (Language packs) * Multiple browser support, Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera and Safari (experimental). * PHP/.NET/JSP/Coldfusion GZip compressor, Makes TinyMCE 75% smaller and a lot faster to load." Bye, Tech2000
  11. Anders Pamdal

    Where can I get 3.0 ?

    you'll need a svn client to download the files, tortoisesvn or smartsvn works fine google for download links... //Anders
  12. Anders Pamdal

    osCommerce 3.0 Alpha 2

    BTW, What happend with the spanish langfiles in the trunk? Please put'em online so I can start translate it...
  13. Anders Pamdal

    osCommerce 3.0 Alpha 2

    Any news of what could be wrong? with the latest pre3 release, I can't even access the admin in the other server I'm testing with. Should I report it as a bug? Harald: If you contact me via PM or in any other private way, I can send you all the info if you want to test it yourself. Thanks, Anders
  14. Anders Pamdal


    Will the spanish languagefiles be up soon? //Anders
  15. Anders Pamdal


    Will there be more changes or can I start translate the languagefiles from alpha2?