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  1. the_chairman

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    torin, Great module, thanks. I have it installed on a recent snapshot. All install went well. We set it up as follows: ------------------------------ Pickup Method Customer Counter Packaging Type Customer Package Customer Classification Code 03 Origin Zip/Postal Code 95118 Test or Production Mode Test Quote Type Residential Handling Fee etc. ---------------------------- A handling fee of $10.00 does not seem to show up at all. When selecting some shipping methods from UPS, rather than accepting the rate and moving on with the checkout, the rates all double and the screen to select a ship method is shown again. This appears to happen with 2 day, 3day and overnight, but ground seem to work fine. Other rates work fine. Thanks frankj
  2. the_chairman

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    In comparing the code from the 6/15/03 snapshot for categories.php and the modded code for faqdesk.php I was able to get all 3 images for the questions to show up by adjusting the faqdesk.php code to look more like the categories code. Specifically the new upload code. ---------------------------------- if ($faqdesk_image = new upload('faqdesk_image', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_name = $faqdesk_image->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_name = $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image']; } if ($faqdesk_image_two = new upload('faqdesk_image_two', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_name_two = $faqdesk_image_two->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_name_two = $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image_two']; } if ($faqdesk_image_three = new upload('faqdesk_image_three', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_name_three = $faqdesk_image_three->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_name_three = $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image_three']; } ----------------------------------- ie; change image_three_name to image_name_three etc. I hope this helps those of you trying to debug this great contribution. frankj :D
  3. the_chairman

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    I am using a snapshot from a month later 6/15/03. Don't know why this is so different, but it seems to work fine for me with the change I noted. frankj
  4. the_chairman

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    See my earlier question: in file catalog/includes/modules/faqdesk/faqdesk_listing.php on or about line 17 fine the line $listing_split = new splitPageResults($HTTP_GET_VARS['page'], MAX_DISPLAY_FAQDESK_SEARCH_RESULTS, $listing_sql, $listing_numrows); and change it to: $listing_split = new splitPageResults($listing_sql, MAX_DISPLAY_FAQDESK_SEARCH_RESULTS, '*', $HTTP_GET_VARS['page']); after making this change, I got everything to work just great. I have only tried this on a most recent snapshot. frankj :D
  5. the_chairman

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    I am using a snapshot from earlier this week. I get the following error when trying to view an FAQ category. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'select pd.faqdesk_answer_long, pd.faqdesk_answer_short, p.faqdesk_id, p.faqdesk' at line 1 select count(select pd.faqdesk_answer_long, pd.faqdesk_answer_short, p.faqdesk_id, p.faqdesk_date_added, pd.faqdesk_question, pd.faqdesk_answer_long, pd.faqdesk_answer_short from faqdesk_description pd, faqdesk p, faqdesk_to_categories p2c where p.faqdesk_status = '1' and p.faqdesk_id = p2c.faqdesk_id and pd.faqdesk_id = p2c.faqdesk_id and pd.language_id = '1' and p2c.categories_id = '1' order by pd.faqdesk_question) as total -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have gone over the code from the original category/products and it succesfully uses the count(*) syntax in the SQL querry. This is very strange. Any help would be appreciated. thanks frank
  6. Holly, I need to create a setup fee also, but have not found anyone else interested in this. you are the first.