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  1. Shane N

    Official Dwolla Support Thread

    This thread will be to support the Dwolla payment module. Module's download page: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7732 Let us know how we can help you!
  2. Shane N

    UPS no rates displayed

    Same problem here :-/ UPS must have modified something that killed the module. This is not good!
  3. Shane N

    Credit Class/Gift Voucher Problems

    I think I fixed the bug... On this line: $pr_c = $this->product_price(tep_get_prid($order->products[$i]['id'])); //Fred 2003-10-28, fix for the row above, otherwise the discount is calc based on price excl VAT! Shouldn't it be: $pr_c = $this->product_price($order->products[$i]['id']); //Fred 2003-10-28, fix for the row above, otherwise the discount is calc based on price excl VAT! Because product_price does a tep_get_prid() itself to strip the attributes away. That would explain why it wasn't working properly with attributes. Am I right? (yay! if so :))
  4. Shane N

    Credit Class/Gift Voucher Problems

    I just noticed that the 3rd item that the coupon isn't working on has attributes. Why would that make the coupon not work?? I need help fast :(
  5. Shane N

    Credit Class/Gift Voucher Problems

    Correct, but I need it to be only if they provide a coupon. Or is there a contribution for that?
  6. I created a coupon that will take off 20% off a product in a category. The coupon works on 2 out of 3 items in the category. Why wouldn't it work on the 3rd? Bug? Also, when I try the new update from today (May 18th), there are some new defined variables that aren't working. For example, I get "MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_TEXT_ERROR" instead of the actual error text. Also, it says that it successfully applied a coupon, but the text doesn't say which one. It says something along the lines of "You successfully redeemed the coupon ".... and it looks it like should say which coupon. Am I right? If so, what do I need to do to get that to work? Another is more of a question... how much work would it be to modify (myself) the script to apply a coupon if there is X quantity (ie: 2 identical products)? Thanks :beer:
  7. Never worked, and doesn't work if you return to checkout_process.
  8. "Your transaction was approved! However, a communication error with the merchant's site occurred. The transaction has been voided, please contact the merchant." I have the POST and RETURN things in verisign set to https://mydomain.com/catalog/verisignreturn.php What would cause this? I need it fixed asap :(
  9. Shane N

    PayFlow sending Verisign wrong price

    We have been fighting with this for awhile and finally noticed what is causing the cards to be declined. Payflow is sending Versign $41,713.00 instead of a price like $417.13. What would cause this?
  10. Do you have to supply a valid username and password to test it? I just want to make sure it works and haven't put in the correct username and password yet. Would that lock it up?
  11. For some reason, whenever I try to use the PayFlow Pro module for payments, it goes to a white screen on the checkout_process.php file. I checked with the host to make sure that the module is installed for PHP, and it is. So what would cause this? BTW - no error messages are appearing, is there a way to enable them?