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  1. My shipping module seems to be overcharging everyone.. I have an item that weights .25 my customer put 3 of them in the cart and it charged him 3lbs 12oz (3 lbs and .75) I need to make sure this is working properly but cant figure out why its over charging.. its going to be the death of my store and me If I cant stop this - I have had to go and adjust every invoice and issue refunds to 3 people because of it over charging.. any help would be great!
  2. Hi, I don't know where to make an official request - but Im looking for a contrib that can do easy banner addons. I would like to have banners that are not just at the very bottom of my site - but also at the sides and I need to know if there is a module that can add these very easily for me - without going in and manually editing tons of lines of code (which I wouldnt know how to do anyhow) Thank you
  3. Just curious to see if anyone has any type of add-ons or modules that allow easy banner add-ons.. I know a while back when I used zen cart they had like 4-5 pre-built in banner options and I would like to add some banners and advertizements on my site. Thanks for looking and any and all help is greatly appreicated!
  4. Is there a way to set or a module that can be made to set the inventory items up as auth and capture individually without having to force all products to auth.. I want to capture instantly for products that I have in stock and just authorize for products that are pre-order.
  5. shdw_knt

    Discount Coupons Displays Wrong Totals

    Where did you get the module for the coupon code?
  6. shdw_knt

    OSCommerce Coupon Module

    I second this.. I remember older versions of osCommerence with it already.
  7. You would probably just need to find a discount contrib and then manually turn it off after the week is over - I dont see why this would be a problem assuming you check daily for orders anyhow,
  8. shdw_knt

    Auth_Only change to Auth_Capture

    Its in the auth.net settings - when you go to the payment module - click edit and scroll down slightly you will see a drop down window that you can change from auth to capature.. Whats the difference in the 2?