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  1. Hello rikpotts, thank you for your help, but what does xampp mean? how can i change it? Thank u very much, Xavi
  2. Hello, i tried to find my answer in the forum, but i couldn't. Once i've my excel sheet to be exported to my data base, i do it but any product is update or added. Each time, the easypopulate creates new folders, but any product and any update. Easypopulate doesn't tell me any mistake. Everything seems ok. Could u help me? Thanks, Xavi
  3. Hello, I just installed easy populate and it works perfect! It is very usefull, but i have a problem. My stock depends on different attributes; for each model there are different attributes and different stocks. So, i'd like to upload and modify these stock trough easy populate. Anybody knows the solution? Thanks, ivax23
  4. Hello, I just installed Easy Populate 2.76b and it works perfect! It's really usefull. But i have a problem, i've installated a stock contribution, all my stock depends on every size and some attributes. For example, i've a 42 size shoe with attribute x=2,y=3 and every one the same. I've installated in my data base a new field called products_stock that depends on product_stock_id, products_id, product_stock_attributes, products_stock_quantity (all primary keys). And i'd like being able to modify that trough easy populate. Anybpody knows the solution? Thanks, ivax23
  5. ivax23

    Store statistics

    Hello, i set up this contribution and i can see this sentence in my admin: Warning: chmod, chgrp, realpath, tmpfile, link, mb_send_mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /data/members/free/tripod/es/i/v/a/ivax23/htdocs/catalog/admin/includes/graphs/products_daily.php on line 22 why? Thanks, Xavi
  6. ivax23

    News scroller

    Hello, I'm finding a news scroller contribution, but I can't find out it. The contribution that i want is more or less the same that you can see in http://www.xleris.com/ where you can read *** Everything on Sale - take a look around *** *** New lower shipping charges - $6.99 anywhere in Canada, $8.99 anywhere in the US *** Anybody knows what contribution is? Thanks, Xavi