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  1. Astonished Man

    flash and STS

    Well, I finally solved my problem. The version I had published the swf in didn't match the version code in the object tag. I'm still not sure why it would work outside the store pages but not inside. But I fixed the version number and all is well. So as long as it works ... right? Imm, did you get your Flash to show up?
  2. Astonished Man

    flash and STS

    I am having a Flash issue as well. But I might be able to help you with yours. I have a Flash navigation bar in my header using STS. Mine shows up just fine. I used absolute addressing for the swf instead of relative. Check to see how you are calling for the Flash file. If it is a relative address, try starting with http:// and go from there. The problem I am having is a real mystery to me. My Flash navigation is for pointing to 5 of the main categories. I have used the absolute category address for the buttons within the Flash movie. Outside the store pages everything works. It goes right to the category page from anywhere. I have used it in the main directory, a page inside a sub-directory, and page inside the "catalog" directory that I created for test, and on both html and php pages. But on store pages the swf shows up fine, the mouseover effects work (including and image change and a sound effect) but the hyperlink takes you nowhere. When you click nothing at all happens. Does anyone know of any conflicts between Flash, oscommerce, and or STS? I'm using on (release) {getURL( .... on the buttons within Flash. Thanks.
  3. Astonished Man

    Master Products - MS2

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was only worried about 1.15 because it is a year and a half old so I didn't know if it had any issues with the newest osc. I have downloaded it along with Rev4 and some of the other addons. Thanks Steve. ps ... Wow. Banned? What did he do?
  4. Astonished Man

    Master Products - MS2

    I think this contribution is a perfect solution to what I need to do. I've read all through this thread and am a little confused as to what the latest version is. I have the latest osc and don't want to add a contrib that doesn't work with it. I've read of a v2.00 but the thread that was supposed to have it was a dead link. I read another post about Rev4 being the latest but there are some things posted above Rev4. I downloaded the latest post and it was just an add on. Does anyone know where to get v2.00?