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  1. OK. I will keep you in mind when I get around to debugging this. I agree with you, it SHOULD be simple -- but I am not getting results either. I am setting up a "test bed" on my computer first so I don't work with the live database; but that is not turning out to be easy either since you need mySQL, PHP and Apache server. I am moving my "bricks & mortar" store location soon so I am not sure just how soon I can get started. Thanks for the reply! Jenny
  2. I agree that the functionality of this contribution could use fine-tuned. I may end up working on it myself -- qualified or not! I need to have it work with products having options in dropdown boxes AND with products that do not have the options enabled. Did you ever get any help with this?
  3. You seem to have forgotten to run the SQL code on your database that adds the options_quantity field to the table, products_attributes. Since it is not there, you can't put data into it.
  4. 4jrr

    Assistance needed

    I ended up purchasing dbTools Manager Professional 3.2.2 Enterprise Edition for mySQL. But, I am a database programmer so I find using an application like this. If you need something uploaded, the Data Wizard Text Import utility is great -- but you need to understand table structures and relationships. It would be easier for me to DO the import than explain it to you! Anyway, take a look at it and see what you think. 4jrr
  5. I have installed this contribution and really like it except for one thing -- I have products with and WITHOUT dropdown lists (attributes) and I cannot seem to get stock control to work for products WITHOUT dropdowns. I am not a PHP programmer -- although I have been trying to do some coding in order to fix this problem. Has anyone out there enhanced this contribution to accomodate both product types? If your website is working for both types of products, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate help with debugging this enhancement. So far I have it working for products WITH attributes... but have not figured out how to fix it for products WITHOUT attributes.