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  1. This is brought to you by My Network Host, a brand new hosting / small business solution company I'm starting. PayPal now offers NON PayPal members to buy stuff through PayPal. One of my clients (thebrushmate.com) was having a PayPal error. When a non member would pay, and go through all of PayPal's screens to the last page, where you get the receipt ID number and a button on the lower right that says "Return to Merchant", the connection back to OsCommerce would malfunction. You would click on it and instead of saying "Thank you! Your order has been processed", and entering the order into the orders table for OsC, it would go back to the login screen (log into your OsC account.) -- and no order would be saved. Only the money would be in the PayPal account. The error was due to the fact that the "Return to Merchant" button was inside a <form method="get"> tag. Changing it to post fixed it right up. This was done on my local drive. How to change this on PayPal? It took over an hour on hold with PayPal to come up with the answer. Open up the paypal.php inside /catalog/includes/modules/payments/ Add a line tep_draw_hidden_field("rm",2) . That's it. The hidden field "rm" with a value of 2 forces all the buttons to be post, on PayPal's system. Problem solved!