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  1. dasmurphy

    --Stock Attributes for clothes

    Hi I think this one Quantity Tracking Professional can do what you'r looking for. Regards Johnny
  2. dasmurphy

    What contribution is he using?

    Ask about a contrib like that ones, and the only reply I got was "overlib" - have searched but can't seem to find anything. So I will be looking at this every in hope of an answer ;)
  3. I'm looking for a contrib to handle a custom build item, but I need something that works like this: If the customer picks choice 1 - he would only be able to select item A and B (eg.if he pick a motherboard for a AMD CPU, he would only be able to select an AMD CPU) And if he picks choice 2 he can only choice from item C or D? (here he picks a motherboard for an intel cpu, and will therfor only be able to pick an intel cpu) Is there anything like this? Regards Johnny