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  1. koala

    Shipping method not showing

    Fixed. Basic setup/design fault.
  2. koala

    Shipping method not showing

    I've worked on this for 5 days now, and I still can't see what should be done to correct this problem. Any ideas?
  3. I have two post methods configured on my store. One is the AUSpost for delvery in Australia and the other is Air frieght. They are both working. I want to show australia post just to Australian customers and air frieght to NewZealand customers. I have set up a new country (in Admin countries) New Zealand, NZ Setup a new zone New Zealand, New Zealand, NZ (Zones now contain all AUS States and NewZealand) Setup a new tax zone New Zealand (Tax zones now have Australia, New Zealand & World Zones) Setup two tax classes Taxable Goods and Export Goods Setup Tax Rates Taxable goods 10% for AUS Zones, Export goods for NewZealand 0% and Export goods for world zones also 0%. In the shipping modules, AUS Post has the Australian zone selected and this only gets shown to customers whose addresses are in Australia. The problem - Air frieght is set to NewZealand zone but neither aus customers or NZ customers can see it at checkout. I can only get it to show if I set the zone to NONE. This means that both AUS and NZ will see air frieght shipping. I don't want Aus customers to have the airfrieght option. What have I missed?
  4. koala

    Eway- Show returned XML

    Yes, Its just for testing. I have the site working but I wanted to see what info was coming back.
  5. koala

    Eway- Show returned XML

    Thanks Snowman, I look forward to it.
  6. I have set up the eway module and I am testing it using their test address. When I make a successful order and check the Order in the Admin page it only shows the EWay PAyment methed and EWay transaction number. How do I get the Transaction reference, Auth code, status etc to display? Or am I only getting this restirted info because I am on the test address. Can someone using Eway let me know what they see from a successful transaction. Thanks
  7. Ok, Ignore my last message. I have just understood how it works. It connects to the http://drc.edeliver.com.au site and extracts the post values. Thats pretty cool! As Auspost maintain there own prices. There prices dont match up with the card I just got from the local post office though.
  8. Can you tell me where the post costs are taken from. I would like to modify some of the values.