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  1. sopretty

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    Ok, I figured the problem was somewhere in catalog/admin/categories.php so I started with a fresh copy of that file and changed the code as per the instructions for this contribution and, sure enough, that was where my error was. I had simply put one the //$products_query = tep_db_query... bits in the wrong place. It's all fixed now and works like a dream. Thanks so much to Beer Monster for this great contribution. :)
  2. sopretty

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    Hi, I installed this contribution today and I have allllllllmost got it working. Sadly, this is what my admin>category/products looks like right now: no products listed within their categories. All the products are still there (show up on the website) but they aren't listed here. I am able to add new products but, again, they aren't listed here once they have been added. Here is what it looks like when I click the 'sort order' button: same deal, no product listings. I have gone through each phase of the install instructions and all the appropriate bits appear to be where they are supposed to be in my files. Obviously, I have missed something somewhere - anyone have any ideas where? Thanks in advance! :o)
  3. sopretty

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    I just installed this contribution and it is BRILLIANT! Thanks so much to you and to Matti (aka Johnson) for directing me to it! rickpotts: To answer your second question, the td class productListing-data surrounds your image, price, etc. To place a gap between the rows, you can add padding to your productListing-data class in your stylesheet. So: .productListing-data {padding: 20px;} or .productListing-data {padding-top: 10px;} or how much or wherever you would like your padding to be. I also added a border around my image by adding this to my stylesheet: .productListing-data img {border: 1px solid #d9cfb0;} I'm not certain but I would imagine the answer to your first question also lies in your stylesheet. Just open the page in your browser where the background colour problem is happening and then view the source. Find the td that is surrounding those images to see what style class has been defined. Then, just change the background colour in your stylesheet. Hope that helps! :o)