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  1. sionus

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    I am having a problem with this great contribution. The problem is, is that when I change the refund method to anything and then click on update, it will not save the setting I changed it to. Additionally, above the listed products to return it does not show anything to the right of Refund Method. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The problem that I am having is that $footer is not displaying the footer with the date and "requests since" text. If I hard code require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'footer.php') into the page then it displays fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  3. admin/orders.php is the file. Look for $email = STORE_NAME . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER . ' ' . $oID . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL . ' ' . tep_catalog_href_link(FILENAME_CATALOG_ACCOUNT_HISTORY_INFO, 'order_id=' . $oID, 'SSL') . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED . ' ' . tep_date_long($check_status['date_purchased']) . "\n\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_TRACKING_NUMBER . "\n" . tep_catalog_href_link(FILENAME_CATALOG_ACCOUNT_HISTORY_INFO, 'order_id=' . $oID, 'SSL') . "\n\n" . sprintf(EMAIL_TEXT_COMMENTS_UPDATE, $comments) . sprintf(EMAIL_TEXT_STATUS_UPDATE, $orders_status_array[$status]); Specifically tep_catalog_href_link(FILENAME_CATALOG_ACCOUNT_HISTORY_INFO, 'order_id=' . $oID, 'SSL') That is what puts the link in.
  4. The reason it looks like that is because that is the https address to go back to the account info page which is ssl secured. The only way to change it the other address is either to 1. turn off ssl for your site or 2. buy a site specific ssl cert and not a shared cert like you have now. Incidentally, your https address does not work anyways. It is misconfigured in configure.php.
  5. Any one else having the problem that when you manually add items to an order that are on special that it does not calculate the price correctly. It lists it as the regular price. If this has already been addressed let me know and I'll read through the thread. Thanks