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  1. Caios

    Google Analytics module

    HELP, Ive had this module working perfectly for over a year, with all ecomerce tracking and goal funnel, etc. BUT Ive noticed recently that although google is tracking the sites revenue it no longer tracks checkout_success.php. Have google made some changes I dont know about as the code I have hasn't been changed.
  2. Caios

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Thanks for another great Protx module, been using it since 2.0. I installed the latest update about 2 weeks ago and tested it with as many different cards as I could including maestro with 3d secure. Everything is working fine, but today Ive had a customer atempt payment twice and both times he's been forwarded to his account page and not checkout success. The payment has gone through in the protx admin but doesnt show on the site. Ive tried to repeat the problem with the same products and card but couldnt. Could it be his cookie setings are to blame?
  3. Had to change MAX_DISPLAY_FEATURED_PRODUCTS to desired number in featured_sets.php cant work out why.
  4. I cant get it to display anything but 6 featured products on the categories pages. Under 'Display featured products' setting 'Featured products maximum' doesn’t seam to work although what I set it to remains there. Have I missed a bit of code somewhere? Can I hard code it somewhere as once set Im unlickly to want to change it?
  5. Aaaaah cool, thanks it was the date thing that confused me.
  6. Ive got it all installed, great its all commented well. Im a bit unsure exactly how to use it. How do you display featured a manufacturer or category? Or featured products only by one manufacturer or from one category? At the moment I can only seam to choose where to display featured products.
  7. Cool thanks it looks that way so far. does my above post make sence? :D
  8. Is it possible to set this up so that I can have banners with eg 'microsoft specials' then link to a set of featured 'microsoft' products? Rather than all products by microsoft or all featured products.
  9. Is all of the code commented like this: // BOF Open Featured Sets? thanks
  10. simple! Nice one, panicked a bit there. :'( :D
  11. HELP, I?ve arranged my EP files so that it closely matches my suppliers data file so I can update stock levels. The problem is that EP sets products as inactive if the quantity is 0. What?s that about? I don?t want to do that, its now good for SEO or for customers. Whats the point in the active/inactive column if easypopulate ignores it? You can usually have a product set to active with 0 stock. Is there anyway around this bug? The file is 10000 items long so human editing is out.
  12. Does the above mean I can use easypopulate with large files, like 15000?
  13. Caios

    'Try Searching For' Contribution

    Thanks for this, a great idea for SEO. I would wait though until your sites already been quite well indexed as google are suspicious of sites that suddenly appear and have millions of pages. (info from an interview with Matt Cutts which is on youtube) This is a great addition to advanced search results too: <title><?php echo ucwords($keywords) . ' - '.TITLE;?></title> Header Tags contribution should include the above. Sweeeeet! Thanks
  14. Caios

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Sorry, despite google help files directing me to having a UK ISO code in my bulk upload file I think the problem may be solved by registering the file at google base UK, doh! The base help files are a bit misleading.
  15. Caios

    Google Analytics module

    oops, :-" :rolleyes: :D sorry I meant when setting your "Conversion Goals and Funnel" urls. It was about a post you made which Ive quoted above. So should I change: https://www.mysite.com/checkout_success.php? to /checkout_success\.php? (including the \ ?) Thanks