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  1. gezuvor

    No Address Provided? w/ Paypal IPN

    Hi Indy, If you are talking about the osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2, then I am also interested in learning about this. The functionality is great, but I am always having to copy the shipping address information over from the Admin section of my site to the PayPal shipping page and would like to skip that step if I can.
  2. gezuvor

    Customers extra fields

    I would like to add this to Invoice as well, but I'll wait for that. Once thing I did want to mention was that I preferred to have this new Admin page under Customers instead of Tools. So, I put this line: '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_EXTRA_FIELDS) . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_TOOLS_EXTRA_FIELDS_MANAGER . '</a><br>'. Into /admin/includes/boxes/customer.php (between Customers and Orders) instead of in /admin/includes/boxes/tools.php I realize that I should change it from BOX_TOOLS_.... to BOX_CUSTOMERS_...., but I'm feeling lazy. I also modified the line in /admin/includes/languages/english.php from: define('BOX_TOOLS_EXTRA_FIELDS_MANAGER','Extra fields manager'); to: define('BOX_TOOLS_EXTRA_FIELDS_MANAGER','Extra Fields'); so that it would fit in my left column without wrapping. A small thing again, but I'm a bit AR. ;)
  3. After a lot of fighting, I got this contribution up and running. One question. The software will multiply any shipping value I assign by 3 when it is displayed on the checkout. For example, if I input shipping as $2 it will appear as $6 in the cart. I can input the numbers to get around that, but it's a bit frustrating... Any suggestions?
  4. gezuvor

    Article Manager v1.0

    First of all, this is a GREAT contribution. Easy to install without too many glitches! The one question I have (for now) relates to the word "Article" in the box. I am using the contribution to provide installation guides for the products I sell and would like to change "Articles" to "How-To's" or "Installation Guides" (or whatever). I tried digging around and just can't seem to find where the actual wording is stored. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious and any help is appreciated!