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  1. Hello, I have been searching for hours and hours, and I just cant believe there is not any instrucitons on HOW TO INSTALL A CONTRIBUTION! any help please? Javier
  2. panter011

    French Translation Help

    I have done everything, but the variables for french language are not showing their definitions, i have added in the localizations/languages but still nothing. the directories files are all ok, Any ideas?
  3. I have already tell the path: magasin/catalog/includes/languages/french :(
  4. Thank you for your help. I have downloaded the one from "Xaglo" , Do I need to download the one from "Goose" ? All the files are there from acount.php -> tell_a_friend.php , specials.php is also there. I have changed the variable TEXT_MAIN and it correctly show the changes, BUT the other variables dont ! I have re-checked and the structure for the files seems to be ok: catalog/includes/languages/french/... admin/includes/languages/french/... I have noticed that the file french.php is SMALLER than english.php, german.php, espanol.php : french.php = 10.39kb english.php = 17.35kb german.php = 18.14kb espanol.php = 17.44kb ARE THIS SIZES NORMAL ? I have added the french language using the localization from the admin area too. I dont know what to do next! Please advice. Here is a link http://namaste.igosite.com/magasin/catalog...php?language=fr thank you
  5. ok, but the titles and many other links are not showing , they just show the tech description. any ideas?