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  1. Hello again,


    I was able to solve my problems.

    1. Special symbols in USPS shipping methods

    2. Incorrect shipping method passed to order_confirmation.php

    3. Renaming the shipping methods to include the delivery time



    This is what I did:

    1. Downloaded USPS Methods for API v3 (osC 2.2) (dated 19 Feb 2010) from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487

    2. Removed United States Postal Service from Admin > Modules > Shipping

    3. Reinstalled United States Postal Service and defined my usps username/password


    4. In usps.php


    After the line:

    list($type, $cost) = each($uspsQuote[$i]);


    Add these lines (Thanks to grapesmuggler for this):

    $type = str_replace('<sup>®</sup>', '', $type);

    $type = str_replace('<sup>™</sup>', '', $type);

    $type = str_replace('**', '', $type);



    5. In checkout shipping.php


    Replace the line:

    <td class="main" width="75%"><?php echo $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title']; ?></td>



    <td class="main" width="75%"><?php

    if(($quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'])=='Express Mail') {

    echo 'Express Mail (Overnight, most locations)';


    else if(($quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'])=='Priority Mail') {

    echo 'Priority Mail (1 - 3 days)';


    else if(($quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'])=='Express Mail International') {

    echo 'Express Mail International (3 - 5 days)';


    else if(($quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'])=='Priority Mail International') {

    echo 'Priority Mail International (6 - 10 days)';





    That's it.. Thanks guys! I hope this helps.. :D


    I found that the file from Feb 19th is missing First Class mail.

    The one from Feb 26th says it has First Class mail, but First Class mail is not working for me.



  2. I have just installed "PayPal WPP Modification" I did a line by line install. It is working well, but if over the credit card limit the customer is bounced back to the payment page, but no error is displayed. Can you help me with that page the error code is in?


    I still have not had luck locating the code.

  3. Hi everyone,


    I'm somewhat new to oscommerce and we have run into a snag. Most of our products we ship UPS. However a lot of the items are shipped from the manufacturer because we don't keep a lot of inventory. Is there any shipping modules that just estimate the UPS charges and adds it to the order total, but does not actually charge me for shipping through UPS. I don't want to get charged through UPS and get charged from the manufacturer when I order the product for the customer.

    Shipping quotes are quotes, they do not charge you for the quote.

  4. i just got errors reading

    This module supports only xpci version 1.0001 of the UPS Rates Interface. Please contact the webmaster for additional assistance.

    If you prefer to use ups as your shipping method, please contact NoTubes.com via


    i have not changed anything on my end. Did ups change something for the new year?

  5. thats hard to have 2 shipping options but depending on the item. If there is a weight that you use one not the other you might set it up that way. If its more random you might need to add a field to your database to say how to ship that item.

  6. Is anyone updaing this module for USPS V3?


    Here is what I received by email -



    Dear Customer,




    On May 14 2007, the United States Postal Service® will implement changes for Domestic Mail. In response to these changes, a new Domestic Rates Application Program Interface (API), RateV3, will be released by USPS Web Tools®.




    A staging environment will be available to test the new API on April 19th. Please go to:








    RateV2 will still be available after the release of RateV3, and will suffice unless rates need to be calculated for Large Priority Mail packages. USPS is introducing a new dimensional weight pricing model for Large Priority Mail pieces. Dimensional weighting is a mechanism that converts the cubic size of a piece into a weight. If a large box is very light, it will be charged as a higher-weight piece, based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard. This change only affects Priority Mail pieces larger than 1 cubic foot, and traveling to destinations within zones 5-8. The Rate V3 API still requires dimensions if an item is large, regardless of the zone.






    To capture the dimensional weight for Large Priority Mail pieces, RateV3 will require three new dimension tags for rectangular Priority Mail pieces: Length, Width, and Height; and four new dimension tags for non-rectangular pieces: Length, Width, Height, and Girth. Shippers will specify in the existing Container tag whether a Large Priority Mail piece is rectangular or non-rectangular.




    RateV3 also implements changes to First Class Mail. A new tag, First Class Mail Type, will be used to specify whether a First Class Mail piece is a letter, flat, or parcel. Today, First Class Mail pieces are charged identical rates, regardless of the type of package. With the change, the postage for each type of First Class Mail piece will more accurately reflect the processing costs for each. The Machineable tag will also be applied to First Class Mail, in addition to Parcel Post.




    An example of an XML request of the Rate V3 is:


    <RateV3Request USERID="000AAAAA9999">


    <Package ID="1ST">


    <Service>FIRST CLASS</Service>


















    <Package ID="2ND">


























    <Package ID="3RD">
































    If you have any questions, concerns or technical inquiries, please contact the USPS Internet customer Care Center via email at icustomercare@usps.com or phone 1-800-344-7779.






    Patti Mason


    Manager, USPS.com



    I would like USPS to also use dimensions like this UPS can use.

  7. Is anyone interested in getting dimensional support working with USPS. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=269079&hl=

    In that thread i list the things we should send the the xml server to get the correct quote. I am going to work on using the same dimensional settings that UPS xml uses. So that i can use UPS and USPS together with the same dimension so quotes will be correct.


    When we ship a 8lbs package that is 25x25x22 the size is a big factor.


    If anyone would also like this i can post the code i am working on.