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  1. Hi, Currently when i display xsell products they appear as seperate products at the bottom of my page and you have to click on add to cart, then continue shopping which takes you back to the product page of the xsell you just added (not the original page you were on). This means that a customer would add the main product to the cart then continue shopping, add 1 of the xsell products into the cart > continue shopping, then navigate back to the original products page so that they can then add the 2nd xsell product into the cart. This process is drawn out and lengthy and in the real world probably wouldn't even happen. What i'm asking is to find out whether or not there is a way in which we can change the add to cart buttons on the xsell products to tick/check boxes where the customer can simply tick xsell 1 and 2 the add the main product to the cart which would in turn add both the xsell's also? If we set the xsell to add 1 quantity even if the customer add's 2 of the main product - they can then change the quantities on the shopping cart page? Hope this all makes sense and if it has been addressed/dealt with before then apologies but I couldn't find it. Many Thanks D4
  2. d4funky1

    Paypal WPP UK Module

    Hi, I have installed the above module but i'm having trouble enabling the credit card issue number and this always appears greyed out? Everything else works fine. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why this may be. The contribution we are using is: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5442 Any help would be appreciated. The url can be found here Many Thanks D4
  3. Hi, I am now selling UK products inclusive of VAT @ 17.5% I have the gross price of £8.49 When i add the tax rate of 17.5% in the admin panel my price changes to £9.98 (£8.49 + 17.5%) I need the gross price to be £8.49 inclusive of VAT. As I upload my 3000+ products via easypopulate it would appear that the v_products_price section in the csv file relates to the net price of the product. How can I change this to relate to the gross price of the product. In my admin panel I have the following settings: Configuration>My Store>Display Prices with Tax>True My Tax Rate is set at 17.5% And in my epconfigure.php file within the admin folder i have changed the following line: //**** Price includes tax? **** // Set the v_price_with_tax to // false if you want the price without the tax included // true if you want the price to be defined for import & export including tax. global $price_with_tax; $price_with_tax = true; This was originally set to false. Hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks D4
  4. Hi, Please take a look at the following web page: link I'm pretty sure that this is an oscommerce based site and wondered if anyone knew if there was a contribution available for the tabs on the page where you can click between shipping, size, payment, etc, etc. If anyone could let me know or even what phrase I should use to search for such a contribution it would, as usual, be highly appreciated. Many Thanks D4
  5. d4funky1

    Protx Form Orders Slipping Throug

    Hi, I am noticing a number of orders are coming through to the admin panel as if they have been paid for but when checking with protx sales they have not? This is probable effecting around 1 in 100 and soon add's up. Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue? Thanks D4
  6. d4funky1

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi, Just added this contribution, works fine, and fast, however I am concerned that the created URLs are all php file names and not the SEO URLs that are on my site? Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks D4
  7. Hi, I am looking for a contribution which will show specific shipping options for each country? I am only looking for the following: UK 3 Shipping Options USA&CANADA 1 Shipping Option Rest Of The World 1 Shipping Option So if a customer is in the USA or Canada the UK options and rest of the world options won't be displayed and vice versa. Also as i have a free shipping module over a certain price i wouldn't want this option to show to anyone outside the UK who spent over the threshold. Any ideas? Many Thanks D4
  8. Hi, Great Contrib - just what i've been looking for. Is there any chance you can either teach us how to add new sites to the social_bookmarks.php file or add these to it please: Facebook StumbleUpon Slashdot Netscape / Propeller Technorati Newsvine Blogmarks Blinklist Diigo Folkd Blinkbits Netvouz In this social marketing web2.0 or whatever they want to call it - the more the merrier. Many Thanks D4
  9. d4funky1

    family 3.0 problems

    Hi, I have installed this contrib with no problems. I have created families (552 to be exact) with no problem. I am now assigning products to these categories (not an issue) When i click on the button to assign these products to the family i am redirected back to the login screen of my admin panel? I try again, and again i am redirect back to log in?!? Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Many Thanks D4
  10. d4funky1


    there is already a thread running for this conribution: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=28975 try there.
  11. Hi, I already have a modified version of oscommerce running but feel the need for a more professional look to my site as it is still pretty box standard: http://www.fancydressretail.co.uk Can anyone advise on 3 issues: 1, If i purchase a template is the possibilty of adding the code to my existing site plausable of would i have to upload a full set and overwrite my existing files? 2, where would anyone recommend purchasing a template? 3, Are all contributions compatible with these bought templates? Many Thanks D4
  12. Hi, I have followed the install instructions for version 1.15 but when i come to add the sql file into my database i am presented with the following error: Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Many Thanks D4
  13. d4funky1


    The information stays in the fields. where would you like me to post the file?
  14. d4funky1

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi, I've just installed STS v4.5.2 and all seemed well. I switched the default module to true and was presented with an error message on the top of my stores page. After doing a little research i was informed that if i removed and installed the default module within the admin panel this would update the database and resolve this issue. I have tried this and when i click the install button i am presented with an new error: Can anyone point me in the direction of what to do next? Many Thanks D4
  15. d4funky1


    Ok, I've managed to resolve our previous issue, in the end I had to add the config_id's into the script before running it. Worked for me. However, I am still left with my first problem when attempting to sign up for an account as a test, when i click continue on the affiliate_signup.php page instead of moving onto the next page which i assume is affiliate_signup_ok.php it simply reloads affiliate_signup.php again and again and again??? I think that this could be the last problem for me with this contrib. If you could yet again assist it would be highly appreciated. Many Thanks D4