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  1. Understood: A customer can be "unverified" with or without a PayPal account. Is this a bad thing? Even if they have an account setup with PayPal, they can be "unverified" if they have not followed the PayPal procedure to verify their account. If so, what would be the normal procedure to have the purchase verified? Thanks
  2. My appolgies Mr. Rik Could you re-phrase your statement. I didn't quite understand it.
  3. Ahh Rik again, Thank You Rik! This is not a SandBox sale it's a Live sale. I purchased through the cart and did not use my paypal account, I went through the cart as a customer w/o a paypal acccount, however I am registered as a registered member in the Os cart. So am I to assume anyone who chooses "I do not have a PayPal account"/does not have a Paypal account I can expect to recieve these debug emails? Now that's because if you already have Paypal account you are condsidered less of a risk therefore making the sale a bit more secure. am I right or wrong?
  4. This is the Email I got from OS when I placed an order. This Email addy is listed as an address for debugging. Will I get an Email like this everytime an order is placed or is there something in this Email that I should be looking at because it is invalid? The order I made seems to have went through without a problem. The subject line in the Email received is: PayPal IPN Invalid Process and when I go into orders in Admin I get in the comments field: PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]. But like I said everything looks like it processed correctly. $_POST: mc_gross=0.20 invoice=4 item_number1= payer_id=W4RXHGRA3H3LC tax=0.00 payment_date=22:35:52 Feb 13, 2005 PST payment_status=Completed mc_tax1=0.00 mc_shipping=0.10 mc_handling=0.00 first_name=Fred mc_fee=0.20 notify_version=1.6 custom=2 payer_status=unverified num_cart_items=1 mc_handling1=0.00 verify_sign=An5ns1Kso7MWUdW4ErQKJJJ4qi4-Asm-qtVytFhnteehPw1WsREdgxvH mc_shipping1=0.10 tax1=0.00 txn_id=8GA6256745104131G payment_type=instant last_name=Smith item_name1=Blade Runner - Director\'s Cut payment_fee=0.20 quantity1=1 receiver_id=EX5WY99A3GJW4 txn_type=cart mc_currency=USD mc_gross_1=0.20 receipt_id=0504-4900-5435-0784 payment_gross=0.20 $_GET:
  5. So your're going to make me go back to the dungen. Did I mention I just spent nearly 4 hours on this? My brain is fried! :'( ok I will show the presistance of a true American and not cry anymore. Thanks Again Rik :thumbsup:
  6. It's so vague though. I need someone to hold my hand... :lol:
  7. Rik, Thanks for the Email reply. I may contact you later. Insofar as these fields. Do all these fields need to be filled in or is one or the other? Meaning I have a private key and a public certificate use those Or I do not have a private key and a public certificate so attain them from paypal. Your Private Key The location and filename of your private key to use for signing the order data. Your Public Certificate The location and filename of your public certificate to use for signing the order data. PayPals Public Certificate The location and filename of the PayPal public key to use for encrypting the order data. Your PayPal Public Certificate ID The public certificate ID that PayPal should use to decrypt the encrypted order data.
  8. So ignore the manual?
  9. Rik my friend, I have read several of your helpful posts today. This one has got my baffled I went to paypal to turn on IPN but this particular screen does not let you not put a URL in??? PLease cclik image to see what I mean:
  10. 4 hours and counting and I still can't find a clear answer to this. PayPal IPN Notification URL. How do I create one? I found this answer but I do not have this file. It should point to the location of the script that will process your transactions. If you are using the PayPal IPN Payment Module, it should point to the location of the paypal_notify.php file. <---- I do not have this file. I have the latest PayPal Mod installed. Straight from the Manual To set up IPN: 1. Log in to your Business or Premier PayPal account. 2. Click the Profile subtab. 3. Click the Instant Payment Notification Preferences link in the Selling Preferences column. 4. Click Edit. 5. Click the checkbox and enter the URL at which you would like to receive your IPN Notifications.6. Click Save.
  11. Come out, Come Out wherever you are!!!!!!! Anyone have some experience in this issue? Thanks Everyone or Anyone for that matter!!
  12. Can anyone help me on this topic? Thanks All!
  13. I'm really interested in installing this contribution,1347 The only discussion I found on this subject was this one. I'm most interested in seeing a created HTML Newsletter. If anyone has one could you Email me I want to be able to pull email addresses from my OS commerce database and send HTML newsletters. Anyone currently doing this? I was looking for samples/screenshots hopefully someone might have something to show me that will be useful in making a decision in whether this is what I really need or not. Thanks, Fred