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  1. DEMAND Performance

    XML Sitemaps outputting to wrong directory?

    Not an easy fix?
  2. Hello everyone, I used Chemo's XML sitemap contribution and was wondering why it looked like it was creating blank files. It is installed in my root/store directory. However, it is outputting to the root directory. What do I need to change for it to write to the /store directory? I submitted to Google based on them being in the root directory, the files look like they have the right paths. However, Google is coming back saying they are the wrong file format. Is this common? Thanks!
  3. Did anyone find a solution to this problem?
  4. I have read about the XML data feeder creating blank files, but I haven't seen anyone solve the problem yet. So I was wondering, does anyone have a solution for the XML data feeder creating the blank XML files?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm receiving this error: You can see it on all pages at http://www.demand-performance.com It happend after I installed the header tags controller contrib. Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks, Evan
  6. DEMAND Performance

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    How often does it let you upload your feed?
  7. I've tried searching through this thread and didn't see any solutions. Has anyone been able to find a solution to the problem where it creates empty XML files for output?
  8. DEMAND Performance

    Shipping function broken, what happend?

    I was thinking AuctionBlox was a good thing and apparently it's a pain to install, having some troubles and I think I need to reverse the install for my shipping to work again. I was wondering what files I should look at overwriting with the original install of OSCommerce to reverse any changes that AuctionBlox made? If you want to see what error is happening add an item like this one then try and check out. It starts throwing an error. I appreciate any help!
  9. DEMAND Performance

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    This should be quick, I'm having a hard time getting the script to recognize my database, this is the information I have about the database name: This is what I have in my script: $base="demandb_osc1";
  10. I'm just starting and I'm a bit curious about shipping charges. How does everyone decide what carrier is best? Whether to charge flat rate or by weight? What module works best?