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  1. pdutton

    Ship Anywhre in the World

    I entered all the country codes and split them into zones according to my carrier then calculated the rates by weight for each zone, including the EU and UK. I've only currently put in rates for the latter as the rest are rather expensive on carriage. just need to work out now how to split the UK further as scotland and i.o.m northern ireland have differnet rates.
  2. Just tried installing this, seems to work ok until I start adding things into the cart, If I am logged in as a user it logs me out, if I hit buy now it says my cart is empty. Anyone out there got any ideas. Thanks
  3. pdutton

    Ship Anywhre in the World

    SORTED - Thanks
  4. pdutton

    Ship Anywhre in the World

    This may be basic - so forgive me. I currently have set up a shipping table for Delivery Rate ( we use ANC in the UK) , where the weight of the order defines the cost. (from 5kg to 100kg) We have started getting orders from overseas, and have to process these manually. We need to be able to add a surcharge and a customs charge if outside the EU dependent on country to the order. Ideally we need a table by weight and by zone. (I also did a daft thing and deleted countries and zones so I need to re-instate these) Any ideas how / if we can achieve this ? Thanks in advance for any advise.
  5. pdutton


    I Have an urgent problem with Paypal. My customers select to pay by paypal and the transaction goes through ok, but there is no record of the order in the shop. The items are in the customers basket but the order never gets confirmed. We only find out about the order when we receive and email from paypal telling us we have received payment. If the customer selects to pay be check then all is ok. We are using SSL encryption HELP !!
  6. pdutton

    Payment Options

    I currently am using Paypal and Cheque options for payment on my shop and am loosing business because of it. I'm investing in a full merchant account and am using SECPAY. How can I modify the payment screen so that the customer does not get a choice of payment method and is directed straight to the secpay screen. I feel that if the customer has to tick the secpay box I may still loose customers.
  7. pdutton

    Urgent Help Needed

    I need to be able to calculate shipping costs based on the weight and delivery destination of the goods. My courier splits the UK into zones, each zone has a different shipping cost dependent upon weight. for example. zone 1 upto 10kg ?10, then 32p per kg zone 2 upto 10kg ?12, then 34p per kg I've simplified the calculations by banding every 10kg upto 60kg so each zone will have 6 rates. Which shipping module should I use
  8. I'm just about to launch my new shop, but I am struggling with shipping rates. I thought I had it all sorted until I received the rate card from my carrier. They split the country into zones, and charges vary for each zone. I Have two issues 1. How can I determine which zone the customer is in from their address. 2. How can I charge the appropriate rate depending on their location. I've looked at zone based shipping but that appears to be country only. here is an example below Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 8 Zone 11 IOW CI Offshore 10kg 8.62 8.62 22.88 21.84 45.76 44.72 14.53 19.97 30.55