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  1. egnegron

    Easy Populate Errors Help!

    I think you need to create the FOLDER called " temp" at /home/c25942/public_html/ ( in your store root ) then make sure it's CMOD to 777
  2. egnegron

    Linkpoint curl error

    check to see if ports 1129 &1139 are open on your server. those ports are used to connect to LINKPOINT. I have had the same issuse on MANY servers untill i asked if they had these ports open.. they were closed but once my host changed the settings i had NO MORE probemls with " cannot excute cURL"
  3. egnegron

    PayPal IPN?

    how did you get this to work? I am try'n but sure what is ment by the cert locations in the ADMIN section? do i need NEW PEM files from paypal or do i use my current SSL cert? and if i do use PAYPAL ... how do i get one? -E :blink:
  4. egnegron

    Linkpoint curl error

    who is your host?
  5. egnegron

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    I belive it is time that someone released a NEW contrib VER that has the rewrites and that works. cuz i can't get this to work and all these back and forth posts about different errors and tests are messing my head up... i can't follow all this. Is someone able to repackage a WORKING Contrib with all our upgrades/changes and a clean install HOWTO. :blink: i would... but i suck at php.. this is why i use someone sles work to cut my code'n time down. I love that about OSC ... you need very little PHP talent( like me) :-"
  6. egnegron

    Linkpoint Basic no wrapper needed.

    when i try to use this i get error 1002 at checkout. did i miss something..?? piggiee did you work your stuff out??
  7. i had the same error just rename the cvs_help.php to popup_cvs_help.php help it helps -e
  8. thanks for the help... it was in my face the whole time. :shock: -Egnegron
  9. i'm have'n problems with it being OVERLAPPED by title image in my header( i placed it on top of the page , not under the title image) anyone have any troubles with this???? -please help it's makeing a cool site look pretty lame :[