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  1. 81RED

    Store statistics

    Thanks very much Moneer, but I?m afraid that does not help as my graphs folder is empty apart from a 0-byte dummy file (which I also set to 777) :(
  2. 81RED

    Store statistics

    Hmm...On my system there is no folder named "jsgraphs" anywhere. I can find no reference to that folder in the contribution files, but then again, I?m no PHP-wizard so I?m not sure whether that matters. Anyway, I created a jsgraphs folder, verified that the rights to both graphs and jsgraphs are correct and it still displays absolutely nothing. Anymore ideas?
  3. 81RED

    Store statistics

    Done. Made no difference whatsoever, and no files are generated in the graphs folder.
  4. 81RED

    Store statistics

    Don?t know how I managed to miss point 7 in the install, sorry about that. Now I have the exact same problem as msheno01 - I can select the statistics, but no data is shown...
  5. 81RED

    Store statistics

    Am having a bit of trouble getting this contribution to work. Have added the SQL file succesfully to the database, have modified all the necessary files and can see that the site now logs all the relevant data into the database. I do not, however get any entry to show the statistics through the admin interface, and if I run any of the php files manually (for ex. https://websitename.dk/catalog/admin/store_statistics.php), no data is displayed? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.