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  1. amstaff


    I have a problem, my affiliate can not show the money generated from their sales, the can see the order but not the money. Why? Thanks
  2. amstaff

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Hi all i install the newsdesk 1.49 but i have problem in my site i have Italian, English, French and spanish language, i can see the news in Italian, French and English but not in spanish, i put all file you need in the directory but i never seen a problem like this, it's possible?
  3. amstaff


    Hi, i have a problem in my Admin/orders, now when i go to see the order i got this message "Parse error: parse error in /srv/www/htdocs/commerce4/admin/orders.php on line 131" I open orders.php and i go to the line 131 and i find "case 'deleteconfirm':" If i remove the code of Points/Rewards i can see the orders. I have another problem when i try to do the new order at check out confirmation i dont see the total point to use. in the modules order total i give at point a right sequence before the total. Can anyone help me. thanks Omar
  4. Hi all, i have installed QTpro 4.2, all working well i have only a problem when make order and checkout in admin order i see the order but i dont see the product i buy :-) i see only the price, tax, tot. etc. but i dont see the quantity of product and what products i buy. For the rest the contribution working well. Someone have a answer or me. Thanks