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  1. Lamood

    Google Analytics module

    Thanks. I added your code and will let you know if that works after the next Google update.
  2. Lamood

    Google Analytics module

    I have the basic Google Anlytics code installed correctly (correct stats have been showing since 11/16/05), but the Ecommerce part of it is not showing any data. On /checkout_success.php I have the below code: <!-- footer_eof //--> <br> <?php // osCoders.biz - Analystics - start include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'analytics/analytics.php'); // osCoders.biz - Analistics - end ?> </body> Under Google Analytics I have the Profile Setting set to Yes under the "E-Commerce Website" And I haven't received any E-Commerce Analysis. Has anyone been able to see their E-Commerce Analysis with this module? If so what I am doing wrong? Thanks!