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    mcbsolutions reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    That string  is trying to access your database. If it was submitted via the contact us page there's no danger from it.  But if it was sent from the create account page, it might cause problems.
    Honeypot can't block the message because it is legitimate. There's not an option to block for specific text. You can use the account limit setting to prevent additional accounts so that will only allow one through.
    I have a new version that I am going to try and get uploaded soon. It may help with emails like this.
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    mcbsolutions reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Changed the url search code to only look at the protocol and to check for named protocols. Changed the position of the error variable to make it global for the contact us page for pre-2.3 shops. Removed global option search that could fail in some cases. The first change is an important one because Russian spammers are starting to use the tld рф. There will probably be more to follow as the use of such tld's increase. The change to the code makes it so tld's are ignored so any url should be caught now. Please report any emails that get through with url's.
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    mcbsolutions reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    The following code will block any emails from gmail but if you truly mean to block "any spammer" from gmail, I don't think that is possible since spam can be a simple message saying "hello". But to block all emails from gmail, find
    if (!tep_validate_email($email_address)) { and change it to
    $fail = (strpos($email_address, 'gmail') !== false ? true : false); if ($fail || !tep_validate_email($email_address)) {  
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    mcbsolutions got a reaction from Guest in Testing New PayPal Express Checkout Module   
    Paypal now has a new In-Context Checkout Experience.  
    I would like to offer this to my customers in hopes of better conversions. 
    Please advise if there are plans to update this module.  In speaking with Paypal, they may be willing to help with updating the module code as well, so it remains certified.
    Here is the link for more information