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  1. madpah

    gift vouchers

    That's quite a point. I have had this contrib installed for months (and it's in operation). Never thought about adding shipping to GV. Another scenario to consider is someone buying items and a GV or GV's?? What should happen then? I shall nosey around the code. madpad
  2. madpah

    payment & shipping modules

    Hi, From what you have posted, I can see no problems with it. However, from what you describe, i.e. seeing the directory path when you view the shipping/payment modules pages in the admin, I would check to see if you actually have any files in the respective directories. madpah
  3. I don't want to beat about the bush here, but my greatest of thanks to barry for what can only (in my eyes) be described as the missing section to Oscommerce. What is e-commerce unless you can accept payments and for those establishments which don't subscribe to payments services, barry is the lifeline. Many thanks barry. Paul