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  1. I think, I?ve found the problem. it is the definition of "virtual" in the modifikation to the get_content_type code. If in the products-details are no weight, the get_content_type code interpret the product as a virtual product and checkout_shipping.php will skip and you will be forwarded to checkout_payment.pfp. so, weight for products is a must!!! hope, everbody understands my bad english :oops: if not, ask me, then i will try to explain it in an other way. @ Ian, thanx for this great contribution and your fast support!!!!
  2. i?ve got the same problem. normally after adding products to my shoppingcard, an click on checkout have to bring me to checkout_shipping.php. but checkout_payment.php is shown. also on checkout_confirmation.php are no information about shipping. who can help??