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  1. samoth

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hi James, This seems to be a database name problem, are you sure your database name is 'rocketz_net_-_phplist'? Isn't it possible it should be 'rocketz_net_phplist' instead? I think the sytax error is reffering to the '-'-sign, this sign is probably not allowed in mysql naming conventions. Regards Thomas A.
  2. samoth

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hi Wilco, You seem to have problem with permissions for user chaospag_osc1, this user must have permissions to connect to, alter and so on the phplist database. This mod is made in the way that is uses the same database user for both databases. Ie. it uses the username that has privileges for the Oscommerce database to connect to the phplist db, because of this you must set up the same db user for both databases or give the oscommerce db user privileges/permissions to the phplist db. This can be done through commandline, phpmyadmin (if permitted by hosting provider) or by some other way supported by the hosting provider. If you can't control creation, permissions or other handling of database users, I am sorry, this mod is not for you (at least not in its present state). I don't have either the need for or knowledge in rewriting the mod for this purpose. Regards Thomas A.
  3. samoth

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hi all, When I did this contribution I did it for a single host environment. Meaning that the Mysql databases must be on the same host, sorry. But maybe you can find information on Mysql's support site. Though I am running osC and PHPlist in separate databases, you should be able to run both applications in the same database. If so you have to leave the definition of the variable PHPLIST_DB empty/blank in the file phplist_define.php. This should work: define('PHPLIST_DB', ''); This 'MyoScommerceDatabase.MyphpListDatabasephplist_user_user' seems to point out that there is a little dot forgotten in the above statement. If you are using ver 0.6 you must remember to put a dot after the db name, like this: define('PHPLIST_DB', 'phplistdb.'); I am using this on live osC and PHPlist installations and it is actually working as I intended it to. But maybe there is a problem in the description for account_newsletter.php, I will look into this. Thanks for using this contrib and to Chris for setting up this forum thread. I have uploaded a new version with requirements description. If there is anything that seems unclear, let me know. Regards Thomas