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    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hello! As always, first things first: thanks for the neato-keen contribution. It's /exactly/ what i was looking for. I installed the "Attribute Sets Plus v1.01" package as per the instructions, and almost everything worked flawlessly - first try! I say almost, because i am encountering one (hopefully minor) problem. All of the back-end portions appear to work perfectly. I can create sets, assign them to items in my shop, and so forth. When i view the item in the store, the assigned sets are visible, along with a drop-down box beside each. Unfortunately, the drop-down box is empty. A cursory examination shows that the "$products_options_query" call is returning 0 results. The appropriate tables are clearly populated; however, the SQL query is not grabbing the data as one would expect. I'm using v1.01 of your contrib, on a nearly clean install of osC. The only other contrib that i've added is "Category Fields v1.01" (#3173), which /shouldn't/ be interfering. Any help - from anybody, really - would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!