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  1. regarding to tep_get_zone... instead of comment it out, I pass in zero as the third argument, and so far it has been working okay. The third argument is just a default zone in case something gone wrong, so it doesn't really matter what you pass there.
  2. henryho

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    I've followed all the patch/fix metioned (including the Javascript addition, comment out the cookie, and fixed tep_zone thingee ... and still have the following warnings: When I click on the View Newest Post arrow (stops there): Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ..../catalog/modules.php:28) in ..../catalog/includes/modules/phpbb2/includes/functions.php on line 768 After Send Reply, but msg got posted successfully: ..../catalog/modules.php:28) in ..../catalog/includes/modules/phpbb2/posting.php on line 601
  3. edit: forgot to include modules.php, my bad.
  4. can someone pls help? the link to /modules.php?op=modload&name=phpbb2&file=index.php&osCsid=839d4636d269916ac08255ba05bb8578 doesn't work... it gives me an Error 404...
  5. thank you godino1! Both = my silly mistakes. Got it! Thx...
  6. Is this a bug in Gift Voucher? I tried "Send Gift Voucher To Customers" to myself, and this is the e-mail i got: Links in Red is not a complete URL.... why? Thank you very much
  7. does this look normal? I have $5 in voucher account, but how do i use it during checkout?
  8. how can i use the "Voucher Balance" in my account? There's no "extra box" as described in the faq. When I click the $5 in Payment Method, I got a Javascrpt error from IE: Line:56 Char:1 Error:'document.checkout_payment.cot_gv' is null or not an object Code:0 URL: xxxxxxxxxx/checkout_payment.php
  9. Thank you, I think I got it working. Winmerge is Very helpful one minor problem: in Module->Payment, Gift Vouchers (-) in french (others are fine), why?
  10. Hi, I am maintaining this site running latest oscommerce, with minor customization. Since the zip only provides the steps for a fresh copy of oscommerce, What is the best practice to add that addon?? Should I use a Diff program to figure out which text to replace? or do i need to mirror the site, and point the the beta one when ready? Thank you! :thumbsup:
  11. Help, newbie Question: Installation steps are provided only for a fresh installation of oscommerce. However, I have already had oscommerce installed, what is the best way to add this mod? Just replace those files with the ones in the zip? Are there any additional DB Table? how to add them? thank you. is this the right thread to post Questions like this? thank you.