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  1. judgej

    Do all shipping modules need cURL?

    Shipping and payment modules that require cURL support are generally those where the server communicates with remote gateways and APIs. It is difficult to do that without cURL, so it tends to get used a lot. If there is no direct communication between the shop server and a remore service, then it is likely that cURL would is not needed. -- Jason
  2. judgej

    Shipping module options

    I guess either my point was not clear, no-one knows, it cannot be done, or no-one cares or appears to need user options within a shipping method. I'll assume the answer is 'no', and create multiple shipping modules instead of options. -- JJ
  3. judgej

    Shipping module options

    Is it possible to provide options to a customer within a single shipping method? I have not been able to find any examples of this being done. For example, I have a 'courier' shipping method on a shop. Within that shipping, there are two options - 'economy' and 'next day'. The only difference between the two is a key in a database query, returning different costs. So - do I need to duplicate the shipping module, creating a copy for each option, making minor changes to the duplicate? Or is there a way of using a single shipping module, and giving the customer extra options within that module? -- Jason PS I'm using the latest CVS code, in case that makes a difference.