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  1. can anyone give me some help to install this on a CRELoaded solution please ???
  2. iondarie

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    hello first of all this contribution rocks 10x i have 2 problems if anyone can help please do. 1. the first category doesn't expand when i click it 2. could it be possible that when i click a category it only expands and does not act like a ling to the category page ? thank you
  3. look 2 posts up ;) it was the same problem i was having
  4. it seems to be working for me too :D yeyyy
  5. this is the exact problem i'm having :(
  6. i see no one knows how to fix the multiple pages errors :(
  7. same problem here... http://www.fanatics.ro/amplificatoare-canale-c-36_46.html the problem might be the fact that all the links are now HTML and i suppose they can not parse the code "?page=2&sort=2" it's just an oppinion someone correct me if i'm wrong
  8. iondarie

    needing some help please

    im not finding anything to make it work :(( !!!
  9. www.fanatics.ro i have a big problem and i dont know how to fix it so please help me if u can please click on "Amplificatoare" category now you will see that the products are displayed only in 2columns if u click the subcategory "1 Canal" it's displayed in 3columns. please help me make all the categories/subcategories display on 3columns thanx in advance!!!
  10. iondarie

    [Contribution] STS v4

    how can i add the newsletter ?